Friday, 8 May 2009

What Did You Expect?

I met Nicole Kidman once. I was awestruck because she had that 'movie star' glamour that not many stars have. This was about ten years ago. Her face still moved then, enough to give my friend and I a kiss on the cheek for finding her jacket after many failed attempts. I was pretty well awestruck. I think I floated through the next couple of days, I was a fan of our Nic. But now, notsomuch. We've lost that lovin' feeling (how was that for a segue?).

Have you seen Nicole's latest hoorah in the Schweppes India ad?

What did I expect Nicole? For one thing, I expected your face to move, that's for starters. Secondly, after all the hullabaloo, I expected this ad to be good or at least interesting. What the heck? What did I expect? A heck of a lot more than was delivered, that's for shizzle.

Nicole, you're a beautiful woman. But these days we don't know if you're sad, mad or we've just been had. Bring back the emotion. Bring back the facial movement. We miss it.


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Ahhh botoxxxxesscence

Pip said...

Oh my god.
Totally le poker face.
So irritating and sad, her and Kyles.
I can only think of Gibbers (Rebecca Gibney) when I try and come up with the aging gracefully list.
Can you think of any Aussie girly celebs that are doing it naturally?
Nicole. You need a big cuddle and a chat about why you don't like you. We would like you even if you were fat and frizzy. That's what I reckon.

clare Carter said...

Oh dear what can I say.My husband says she is a cow and he should know-he shot her on Australia.Actually he used a word other than cow but he was fed up with her prima donna horror behaviour when he said it!Her face does not move and neither does her acting ability.Such a shame.And can I just say to Pip regarding Gibbers-check out flying doctors-her skin was terrible.She sees a well known dermatologist-has had lots of laser/dermabrasion and has injections to plump up her cheeks and smooth the eyes.She looks younger every year.Thats not aging gracefully-thats staying on your agents books so you can stay in this insane industry : )And I dont blame her-she has a good life.

clare Carter said...

Oh whoops-better remove my comment.very naughty and slanderous of me.Husband would eat me alive ; )

Stacey said...

God, it really doesn't move, does it?