Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Little Junk In Yer Trunk?

In the interests of getting a little less Fatty, and a little more Boombastic I am signed up sisters.

While I've been super busy contemplating my navel, hiding my chocolate stash from my husband, and looking out the window at the rain, my muffin tops they runneth over.

It's official gang. I'm hooking up with
Move It Like Mike. I am getting un-muffin topped. I am going to recharge my batts and get out there and get walking.

And here's just the inspiration I've been looking for. Ready. Set.

Wiggle it. Move it. If you've got it, shake it.


nettie said...

I wonder if Pip saw me eat that chocolate bar yesterday??! I've signed up too. Good luck!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

I've signed the pledge too.

Anonymous said...

I am very much considering entering Move it like mike. Thanks so much for sharing that clip. No 1 loves Madagascar but we hadn't seen that version of the song yet!

Michelle said...

He he. Me too! I'm probably just not going to blog it, for fear of failure if I do!

Anonymous said...

I started walking in the Summer to get rid of my "baby fat" (since bubby is now two, my mother said I still looked pregnant. Oh the shame) every night after dinner, about 45mins.

I did try the gym, though bubby wouldn't have a bar of the childcare room. That idea flew out the window! (it saved me money in the long run anyway)

I stopped when the weather turned, though I can't complain, I think I "kick started" my metabolism and have gone from 65kg (not fitting into any of my clothes, and refusing to buy any new)and now I'm down to 55kg. I'm happy everything fits now :)

I give you a tip...which I did
skip the bread and butter (they are so fattening)

Good Luck on your crusade :) and let us know how you go!