Tuesday, 16 June 2009

God Can Be Funny

Regina Spektor's new album comes out at the end of this week (23rd). This holds great excitement for me. I think she's brilliant. Here's her new clip.

And while we're here, this song made me think about times when God must be giggling at me.

- When I was 19 walking up Oxford St wearing a skirt just above my knee with a split in it. Nothing outrageous, trust me. This slightly nutty dude yelled in the middle of the lunch time crowd at the top of his voice, 'I can see your f*nny'. The letter I've bleeped out is not a 'u' either. And he didn't say it just once. It was twice. I went scarlet red and hurried back to the office.

- Or when I'd just had all my wisdom teeth yanked out. It was a Friday and I decided to go to the movies by myself. I came out, it was still mid-afternoon. Oxford Street again. Harry, a slightly nutty guy who frequents Oxford Street - perhaps you know him? Calls out - top of his voice 'Hey spaghetti legs, spaghetti legs'. Everyone turned to look at me. Me with the slightly sore mouth. Thanks Harry.

- Or the time when I woke up in my little Paddington apartment to find a hand reaching through the window and pulling things out. Looking at them. And then returning them. I stood up on the bed, and said in a deep, gutteral voice 'Get the **** outta here'. Hand and body scurried away. I was freaked. I told my flatmate I was calling the police - straight after I had spotted her stuff out the window. And to cut a long story short, they found this dude in our roof. With a pile of our clothes at the bottom of the man-hole. Oh and did I mention he disconnected the electricity?

- Or the time I went out to meet some friends, they didn't turn up and I wound up at the bar waiting for said friends only to be forced to hang out with a short jockey-esque dude who came up to my shoulder and kept telling everyone he was my boyfriend. Wrong-goes.

God can be funny. But sometimes I don't see the funny side until much, much later.


Sunshine said...

That is hysterical! The guy in the roof though...way too creepy to even think about it. Gives me shivers. Good song though!

amity ville boronia said...

I almost wet my pants with the story about the guy on your roof. But only in heinsight. I'm sure it was terrifying at the time!!!

Christina Lowry said...

What the?! Guy on the roof?

If there is a GOd, he was laughing at me when I was working in Greece. I was sitting at a bus stop after work reading a book and a home less man sat down next to me. He was speaking to me in Greek, but I didn't understand. He held his hand out for my book, then grabbed it off me, took one look at it, opened it up and quickly tore off the cover and the first serveal pages, folded them up and put them in his pocket. Toilet paper? I was mortified! Book sacrilidge! I grabbed what was left of my book off him and the local were laughing at me. Hmmmm...


Christina Lowry said...

PS. Regina Spector is one of my favourites. Isn't she precious? He 'Begin to Hope' album was on high rotation at our house for a very long time and still makes its appreaance regularly. :)

Kirsty said...

Ha...I've got plenty of those God giggling moments myself.

Cindy said...

I was at a Big Day out and after itting down for a while, my foot went to sleep so when I stood up I managed to fall over into a large group of men who promptly told me "if you can't handle the drugs don't do them sweetheart" I was stone cold sober and twisted my ankle