Friday, 12 June 2009


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When I was in high school my friends and I used to sing well known songs (such as Pearl Jam's 'Alive) opera style. It was the cause of much amusement and made lessons pass a little quicker (not that I wasn't listening up Mum & Dad, it was just sometimes a slow day). Try it. When you're in a bad mood, pick a well known song, and sing it mezzo soprano and try and stay in that bad mood. Bet you can't.

Anyway, I have no idea why I remembered this when really what I wanted to say is, I've been walking a la Move It Like Mike.

I been moving baby. We've been taking in the neighbourhood. Checking out the Autumn leaves. Checking out this and that. Yeah, baby. We all been movin'! But more on this tomorrow.

If you need some motivation to move, listen to this. Gets me every time. I lurve a little bit of Andre 3000. (I've linked to this before, but I can't get enough Andre 3000). Did you ever see Class of 3000? Was it good?
And last but not least, there's a super giveaway (two uber cute softies are up for grabs) taking place over at Pepper Stitches. Check it out.


Cath from chunkychooky said...

could he be any cooler!!

Stacey said...

The husband and I have an ongoing joke "songs you'd never see recorded by Gregorian monks."
Top of the list is Who Let The Dogs Out, followed by Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.
I fully get where you and your highschool friends were coming from.

peppermintpatcher said...

The days I sing are the days that make me happy. Recently heard an accoustic version of hey-ya. Took me ages to place the song because it sounds so very different to the original. Bought it from i-tunes because I love a cover (done well).

Check it out -