Thursday, 2 July 2009

Being Grateful

Today I have so much to be grateful for. Simple things take on new meaning.

I challenge you to think of at least five things that you can be grateful for. I know you can go beyond the five.


lovely lindsay said...

+ a blanket fort in the back yard
+ a bag full of new library books
+ real true-blue-thru-&-thru friends
+ almonds & dried cranberry snack mix
+ a big hot, hot sun

Leonie said...

*children who are able to play nicely with each other during school holidays
*chocolate in the fridge
*knitting without looking so I can watch the amazing cubby being constructed in the backyard from a huge white sheet, some pegs and a camelia tree
*a baby who still naps
*friends who appreciate me for who I am not what they want/expect me to be

Sunshine said...

~mt sister doing the dishes
~my husband having phone and email access while overseas
~my health
~a working car
~an understanding best friend

Cindy said...

-my beautiful boy who doesn't see the world the way everyone else does and that is super fine with me
-my gorgeous girl whose stuborn streak will do her great guns when she is 30
-my fab hubby who supports me in whatever I choose to do, even if he thinks I am a bit wacky
-my freinds that I have made on line and in real life who make me feel less wacky
-my mum who has always been number 1 in the cheer squad and taught me the value of being a good person.
-having enough money to have a home and the things that I need if not always the things that I want, but there is nothing better than a warm place to lay your head.

Cindy said...

It appears I was greedy and chose 6 Hope you are ok

Maggie May said...

-starbucks doubleshots with cream
-my workplace family
-san diego
-my son's birthday
-our animal family

Katy said...

* my girl - who else could pull off a tutu, black and purple pants pink top and clown shoes with a smile!
* rain - smells nice and lets me be a house hermit!
* max the turtle - just so cool!
* slow cooker - i love it!
* blogs - need I say more

Nikkers said...

* My boys
* Having a roof over my head
* Being loved by a special someone
* Wonderful, amazing friends who inspire and encourage me
* A good strong cup of tea

tea with lucy said...

~ sunshine after all the rain
~ cake and coffee in the park (. . . for lunch)
~ a toddler who tells me she wants to go for a sleep
~ a husband who gets up EVERY morning and takes the dog and child for a walk in the dark
~ a week away with my people

Pip Lincolne said...

You okey dokey, Lex? Everything OK?

I'm grateful for :
Aloe vera in my tissues
That I didn't wet my pants when I just sneezed
Cam rubbing Vicks on my hard to reach spots
Chicken Soup
Ugg Boots

sniff, sniff!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Lovely post Lexi.

Today I am grateful for:
* no nausea today
* my baby holding my hand and trotting along happily beside me as we walk.
*meeting all my writing deadlines for the week.
*re-connecting with a dear, dear old friend

Could go on and on! Thanks for asking.


Christina Lowry said...

I was only thinking about being grateful today while sitting bumper to bumper. I like the idea being American Thanksgiving, but I think it should be celebrated more than once a year.

Today I am thankful that
- the anaphylaxis Cohen suffered last night was not as bad as it could have been
- there are wonderful pedeatric doctors at the hospital
- I had an amazing day out with my baby and twin sister
- my love cooking me dinner
- that I don't have to sit in peak hour traffic everyday, only once in a blue moon on the way home from the City.

I hope all is well in your world. Thanks for reminding everyone to be grateful. :)

Kirsty said...

* while my little man is sick again it could always be worse and it isn't.
* my fabulous husband going out to buy me short & long soup (i like to combine them) for dinner.
* our central heating 'cause it's really, really cold here in adelaide.
* my best friend who i've just got off the phone from.
* my recently discovered love of blogging and knitting which has opened my life up to a whole new community.

trashalou said...

Five things? Hmmmmm....

* cheap international telephone calls.
* my old man dog's quality of life.
* actually having sun and heat this Summer.
* random cold calls that are actually GOOD!
* school is walking distance.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I get a lot of my clients to keep a daily diary like this. sometimes they start with one a day and sometimes it is
1. i woke up today.
Mine is:
1. i have the best husband in the world who cooks me beautiful dinners EVERY night
2. I have a healthy bright little ray of sunshine that is Busy.
3. i live in paradise
4. i love my job
5. we are happy, tolerant and forgiving of each others quirks

Anonymous said...

= a comfy bed with warm blankets
= two teens who are loving and open
= sunshine
= my Pete who will come home and clean up the mess I have left in the kitchen
= music, music, music

Take a moment to breathe and you'll find the joy too.

Christie said...

i am very much in this headspace right now...

::the heath of my family & me too!
::having a mum who is generous to a fault
::getting to watch the sunrise over the city that i love
::getting to spend everyday with my kids- even when they drive me nuts
::feeling loved