Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's Me: Day 6

It's such a blissful day today. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The smalls are happy. The mama's happy. Parenting when the sun is shining is so much easier than on grey days when you're locked in the house and then cabin fever sets in. I tend to go a little barmy. Perhaps even more than a little. Perhaps I go tres barmy when I have cabin fever.

Today I feel like a snake that's shedding it's skin. No need for too many layers. I am a big fat snake in the sunshine. Stitching. And while I know snakes can't stitch for lack of hands, I am sure it's not through lack of trying.

So today we're clocking up time in the sun. A 2002 UK study revealed that eight-year-olds could easily identify Pokemon characters far more easily than they could name "otter, beetle, and oak tree." Scary huh? Get into the sun people! Enjoy nature peeps! Pokemon are for... I don't know. We're not into Pokemon. Phew.

Day 6. Four days to go. I need to pull out the big stops from here on in.

PS - The Doctor took a hilarious series of shots this afternoon of me - right after he photographed the lavender. Apparently it needed a photo too. My photos - totally unflattering, funny nonetheless. Totally untouched, just for the record.


Anonymous said...

I'm imagining that he caught you just after you had been sliding down that slide. It's making me smile.

h&b said...

totally sweet pic ! :)

( i've always been secretly proud that my son didn't know one Thomas engine from the other, or which was the Red or freaking blue Wiggle or whatnot )

We're bigger than that shite.


Megan.K. said...

Lexi, I'm loving this pic!! And all of your "me" pix.

Agree re: sunshine... I'm no good with the grey either. or Pokemons.


Sunshine said...

Your little boy took that picture?!? That's amazing!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

yes Busy is unaware of the wiggles names too... but her father is teaching her names of plants already, plus she last night when we were watching Food Safari she correctly identified cous cous... their is so much more for them to learn than how to become consumers of mass media marketing. + they need the sun to make them grow!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this photo of you. Captured joy perfectly!