Friday, 7 August 2009

It's Me: Day 8

We had some friends over this morning, so I dressed up a little (and I mean a teeny tiny bit). Plus I am sick of being a little cold. No cardis to be seen here.
I made pear butter cake because I can. If I eat all the cake I won't fit onto your computer screen anymore. But that's beside the point. It is delicious. It is capricious.

Today I had to bribe the Doctor to take my photo. Nothing like a little corruption in families, is there?
What's on the haps in your 'hood?


Michelle said...

the smalls are playing robbers, they've filled their pillow cases with booty and now want me to make black eye masks a la Hamburgler...not sure whether to be proud or worried....

Pear butter cake sounds delicious....

rachel @ tea with lucy said...

reclining, day bed, sun, tea, chocolate tart, mags . . . hoping The Little One won't wake too soon.

Pip Lincolne said...

you look adorable.
you look a bit like someone out of an early 80s Woody Allen film.
in a very good way.
i don't have hives.
i DO have shingles.
it's not fun, i tell ya!
it is interfering with my glamorous image.
i WISH i had pear butter cake.
hugs to you and yours.

Katy said...

I have fresh bread from a lovely baker, I have pancetta, I have my little one - I'm happy - but I'm wearing lime green trackies - happy bit tragic!

Mel said...

I'll tell ya what's happening in my hood ... JASMINE! I haven't actually *seen* it but I smelt it today and by god it made me feel excited for spring (and I thought of you :)

You look pretty good to me by the way!

(oh and how damn good is Apples for Jam? My obsession is the cranberry and choc ship cookies *drool*)

CurlyPops said...

Nothing happening in my hood today - just babysitting my nephews who are currently having an argument as I'm typing. Suppose I should get off the computer and break it up.

Cath from chunkychooky said... my hood its busy...toooooo busy... and now i feel like cake

Cindy said...

How hilarious is Pip
Onto the case in point, nice photowork Dr, though I am wondering why I didn't rank pear cake only jelly status - I wont forget that

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Yup - over the cold, putting 'Spring clothes' aside, working out little outfits in my mind, bring it on!

Rach said...

Again, you look great. I agree with Pip - 80's Woody Allen.

I think that I spent this day missing my sister, who was having a birthday, and as she lives in Hong Kong, I wasn't there...