Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Something I Found In A Bin

It's been almost a year since my epic affair with someone else's bin, and so it seems only fit that I show you something else I found in a bin. A long time ago, but I've never mentioned it, until today that is folks.

Would you believe someone had tossed this little beauty out?

Along with this, I found a bag of fabric scraps, which was intermingled with a whole bunch of panty-hose (fancy crafty bank robbery anyone?) - which I declined to hold onto for fairly obvious reasons, a letter dated August 1971, and an awesome child's armchair which has gone to my brother-in-law in the hope that he might one day find some time to reupholster it for me, because damn fool, it's positively darling.


Cath from chunkychooky said...

I remember fondly the rubbish bin affair you were having- its when I first started reading your blog and god I laughed!!!
you are very lucky with bins!

Katy said...

You always find the coolest things!

Anonymous said...

Has it been a year since your treasure trash? That can't be! I miss that trash can, not as much as you I'm sure. That was epic.