Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I've been tidying. When aren't I tidying? When aren't you tidying? It seems to be my mission statement.

PottyMouthMama: tidying.

Not exactly the aspirations I had when I was ten. I wanted to be a lawyer. Then I found out it was six years of uni, so I ditched that idea.

But anyway, back to tidying.

I found these plates and saucers that I bought nine months ago. I told my sister six months, then realised what a big fat lie that was. They've been sitting on our floor in a box, neglected for nine fat months. Oops. They could have had a baby by now. Oh and then good luck to them shifting that baby fat (I didn't mean to write that, my brain said no, my hands said yes).

I like that some have seen quite a large social life, while the others are happy still sitting on the shelf. No matter, they're all treasure to me.

And inspired by this lady, I've started using my vintage crockery. I've been too scared up 'til now, but we might as well enjoy them, instead of hiding them away, it's not like Hunca Munca lives here, right?

As an aside, I made Bills banana and choc chip bread. My goodness, I make it quite a lot and each and every time, it sucks me right in. I'm sure I've gained 2kgs just by inhaling it fresh from the oven.


Cindy said...

I have Nana's precious hand painted plates that I got once she passed, but I figure they are no use in the cupboard. So much nicer if you get to see them. Better used and broken than dusty and intact I reckon - though plate babies would be pretty cute.

trasha said...

If there was a possibility for plate babies then someone would have to invent plate contraception.
oooo! Maybe we could introduce selective breeding programmes to get the best of different ranges. Oh the world opens up for us.

Jodie said...

For what is it worth : Mr Ric-rac's Gran (now almost 101yrs old) uses the set she was given as a 21 st. Everyone has bits or pieces of it and we all treat it like gospel. The bits that she has, she uses everyday, there is no pattern left at all.
and yet in ll her possession it is those few plates I would treasure !

Tania said...

I'm using the plates. I'm clinging to the enjoy 'em theory. But heffalumps live here...(sob). Thanks for the therapy. Now where's that plate breeding program?

Pip Lincolne said...

Aw. You MUST use your pretty things before you aren't pretty anymore! Lexi, you are lovey, aren't you? Thanks for being a swell friend of late. xxx

Pip Lincolne said...

um. you are lovey. and lovely too. oops.

Loz and Dinny said...

I use the plates - but I would love a plate breeding programme so then it wouldn't matter if I smashed them! Would you ind jumping in your lab in between tidying and inventing p-ivf?

Anonymous said...

My husband's family owns a house at the beach. We all retire our old crockery to the beachhouse. The cupboards up there are like a chronology of everyone's lives in crockery. I love it!