Sunday, 11 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 11: ARGH!

I had a tippity top day today catching up with a girlfriend for lunch. On the menu, tomato salad with baby beetroot, fetta, walnuts, parsley = yum! Followed by a pecan + raspberry tart, hello, I'm in paradise. Feed me more Seymour, more!

And then I came back to find the smalls were still squabbling over le Bunbun (who coincidentally, and unfortunately has not yet been named), with the Doctor trying to cover him and Tiny inadvertently squashing him. Eeek!

When really, all I have to say is, I have nothing to say. Except this is a common sight at our house these days.


Cindy said...

Don't want a baby guinea pig to add to the brood as well.
Sometimes nothing to say isn't such a bad thing, means life is good I reckon

Kirsty said...

Super cute. The Doctor looks pretty happy with the state of play at your place.

beccasauras said...

I think it's name is BunBun, that's what i'll always call it, so cute!

Bek said...

Oh bun bun. A-dora-bubble.

Anonymous said...

I think that rabbit is smiling.