Saturday, 17 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 17: Things You Don't Want To Hear

Thing One: When you're just about to go out for dinner with your beau, and the babysitter says: 'I hope no one needs to go to hospital, I've already drunk too much.' Already? You mean you're going to be drinking more while you're caring for our children??

Thing Two: In the shower with the Doctor: 'Mum, you're getting chubs.' Another boost for self-esteem. Go me (straight to Weight Watchers that is).

And here's a beautiful rose from our garden. It's got thorns too.


Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

Ha! I had to take my little one to hospital (minor injury, he's fine) on Sat evening after a few beers (mine, not his). Although I was absolutely fine to drive, I was incredibly conscious of my boozy stench whilst the experts were attending to said child.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, my sister and I had a late afternoon wine together while reading over her thesis before she went to baby sit on Saturday.. At my encouragement I think, I am a babysitter corrupter.

Meg said...

Thing I don't want to hear: I had just washed my hair and my seven year old said:

"You look so great."

"Why, thank you so much." I told him.

"All you need now are a witch's hat and a broom stick and you'll look even better."