Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Possibly The Naughtiest BunBun In The World

Nibbles has arrived people. He's arrived. I mean he's been living here for a couple of months now, but this week, he's really arrived. His name couldn't be more apt because this week he's been getting into everything.

* Eating my brand new headphones and ruining them (unless of course I go deaf in one ear, and then of course, they'll be 'customised by Nibbles'
* Matt's Margaret Olley book
* My 'Flea Market Baby' book
* Any baskets he can get his big fangs into
* Noah's arm - drawing blood (we seriously have a psycho bunny on our hands)
* My stomach - leaving an impressive mark for days

This means only one thing. Or a combination of some things.
A) He gets desexed as soon as possible. The vet says 5 months. I say he doesn't have a birth certificate.
B) This looks promising (though I won't be indulging) (Actually this is entirely disgusting and as I've said before I will not ever, ever eat rabbit again. Never. Never is a long time, but not long enough. Ok I think I might vomit now.
C) Front teeth removal (do they do this? Jeepers, I hope not.)
D) Some serious rabbit training.
E) His own library card since he seems to have *Ahem* such an appetite for books.

I'll take A and D.

PS - What has happened to Blogger's font sizes? There's no happy medium. 
Another PS - I love this song. Do you?


Vic said...

That is one handful of bunny!

For the blogger font sizes, if you go into settings you can change it back to "original editor" & voila!

M* (Melanie) said...

Our indoor bunny was very naughty too. She chewed through books, doll's fingers, toes, phone cords and started chewing the furniture. I couldn't take it anymore!

I opted to get her a friend and put them both outside where they now share a large hutch and a very large pet fenced area. They mow the lawn and fertilize the garden. I've been told rabbit poop is as good as chook poo.

handmade romance said...

naughty nibbles!

great song!

Ashley said...

my bunny went nuts too when she reached a certain age. desexing reverted her to a far more placid state of mind. While she never quit on chewing on the spines of the books on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf, she did stop shredding the entire book into nothingness!

oh and i encased all my power cords in plastic tubing (slit it down one side so you can wrap it around the cords) stops them from chewing through something and electrocuting themselves. Fun fun!

willywagtail said...

Having a bunny who likes library books can be really helpful if you are a forgetful person. At least you can go into the library and ber sure about which books you have read. GRRR! I have a chihuahua who likes putting his stamp on library books too. Not good. Cherrie

Christina Lowry said...

Good luck with the training! It is against the law in Queensland to keep rabbits. I wonder if the person who came up with this law had a naughty rabbit too?