Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tweens Got You Stumped:: Christmas

Tweens. Tweens. Tweens. What will we do with them? Not small, but not big. They're tweens. I have some ideas to solve your gift-giving woes. No Hannah Montana. No belly-baring tops. Nope. Just nothing but sweetness and light. Heck yeah! I'll even try to go heavy on the cool factor, you dig?

Babes in the Shade sunshirts (1-12) $39.95

Get your little lady stitching with the Sweetie Petite from The Red Thread $20 + postage

Or perhaps they'd like to try their hand at stitching their own brooch? Prints Charming $15

Try old school cool with a classic from Booktopia $16 These IOU cards are a super idea from Lark Made $19.95

Some new treads? Raben $20
get creative. Wreck This Journal. Booktopia $14.90

Hungry? Don't want to cook? Get the kids in the kitchen. $35

Lexon rubber AM/FM radio.
Top 3 $149
Animal index for books or CDs.
Top 3 $29.90
iPod cover. House of Jam $USD11.50

Stormtrooper iPod cover - who better to protect your tunes? Nokomomo $USD16

This gorgeous FIONA dress. From
Buckets & Spades. $89.95
Or a FIONA by Fiona Scanlan voucher.
Action bed set from Kideko $85 (on sale)
Plenty of time over the school holidays to work on the dance moves from Thriller. JB Hi-Fi $17.00
Make a wish? Two dandelions wall decal from JaneyMacpress $USD27.50
Headphone Owl decal from Janey Macpress $USD13

Flying birds wall decals from
Wall Decors $USD27

Perhaps a ticket is just the ticket? Try this or this or this...

PS - New LMNOP is out. For shizzle.


Nomie said...

I very stealthily (not) looked at these while Miss8 was hovering... lots of oooo's and one O.M.G I SO want that!
Thanks... that's at least 1 less item I need to get now :)

Tracey said...

I have Twin Tweens... this year we are stumped. Some super ideas here Thank You!

Tania said...

You sure did come to the party on that particular challenge.

eriven said...

Thank you for the inspiration, my xmas wishlist just got longer!

Katy said...

I love all your gift ideas... it may make me go a little over budget though ... I keep looking at things for others but somehow I just 'really need it!'

Aussie-waffler said...

Ooh ooh ooh, how much do I adore that dandelions wall decal ? Rather a lot I must confess.

Lois said...

Lexi, I like them all....all but the bird wall decals...reminds me of the Hitchcock movie "The Birds".
But the rest all all really cool ideas. When do you find the time to go web surfing for all this great stuff? What's your time secret?

nokomomo said...

Wow thanks so much for adding my stormtrooper case!! =)