Thursday, 19 November 2009

Welcome Back Garbage (Straight Into The Garage)

When I went walking last night I realised it was council garbage pick-up. For those in Victoria, it's known as hard rubbish. To me, it's known as treasure (amidst a whole lotta trash). This, we could say, was some kind of epiphany. I could walk and junk at the same time. Oh the joy! The utter joy!

I did the rounds, found a whole lotta skateboards (grip tape peeling off) and a Super Soaker that I thought I'd come back for later.

I continued went over to inspect some rubbish, then realised there was a ute creeping up behind me and the driver perused each garbage pile after me. I left a lot there. Saw a cute telephone table thingie and thought that could be interesting. But kept going.

Down another street I spied a small wooden dolly highchair, picked it up, then looked down to realise it's leg was broken. My mantra is if it needs fixing in a major way, don't take it. Because if you know us, it will probably not get fixed. HMPH! So I tossed it back to where it came from. Went walking, trying to think where the good loot was. Well there wasn't any more junk to be looted, so I went the long way home and put the smalls into bed.

Once that was done, I told Matt I was going out a-lootin' again. And I did. Some more junk tossed streetwards, the Super Soaker and whole cache of skateboards had been snaffled. I drove further and there was the lonely telephone table. I have great plans for her.


Vic said...

Oh. Yeah.

I have no idea when our "Hard Waste" pick ups are - but I haven't seen any treasure on the streets just yet..!

I know you're going to give that table a good home! (and a good make-over...)

Cass said...

Awesome find. We don't have them regularly anymore. You have to book it in so everyone has them at different times and there doesn't seem to be as many, very disappointing

dorothybills said...

Love it when you find 'free treasures', I love the phone table!

Miss Muggins said...

Oooh that phone table takes me back! Long conversations with the boyfriend, mum telling me to get off the phone, the old "you hang up, no you hang up"!

Bek said...

Nice treasure! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

(lol @ Miss Muggins. Ah... those were the days.)

flossy-p said...

Oh phew. I'm glad you came home with something. I couldn't have handled the disappointment ;)

Yes, I learnt my lesson trawling the streets last year, I started doing the walk, but I too was being shadowed by a ute who picked up the BEST antique writing table, just s I was dashing home to get my car to collect it. Now I do first round in the car at very slow pace so I don't miss out.

willywagtail said...

I used to think telephone tables were so cool when I was young. LOL Now I like to lay down in bed when I take a call so I don't get exhausted. Cherrie

Aussie-waffler said...

So there's like a whole tribe of you trash treasure collectors ? I must admit, that thought kinda makes me giggle.