Sunday, 15 November 2009

What Happens When Baby Doesn't Love Vintage?

If you're reading PMM, then I'm guessing you like vintage stuff and things too. It's for this reason that I am issuing a warning!

The next scenes may be disturbing for some. If you are easily distressed, please click away now. We advise anyone who loves thrifting, vintage, and op shops to click away immediately.

Alrighty then. For those still here, here 'tis.

My Tiny does not love vintage. Nope. Tiny loathes vintage. I can perfectly illustrate this from earlier this week with the bowl that was smashed.

Disturbingly, it looks like a trend that Tiny is perpetuating in her angsty vintage loathing behaviour going down here at Chez PMM.

Take this example. I put her in a ridiculously cute (and cool) vintage cotton top (hail spot). Look at the response.

And tonight, well I am royally peeved. I went in to find out why she wouldn't go to sleep to discover that as per usual she'd poured water all over her bed (this is standard for Tiny).  

Let's back track a little. Last year I was overjoyed to discover this vintage Santa book (circa 1980) at my local oppy for just 50 cents. I popped it in the special 'Christmas shelf' and let it be. Unfortunately Tiny wouldn't let it be. She learnt how to say 'San' (for Santa) and requested it as her bedtime reading, just before lights out. She'd looked at it previously with no problems.

Unfortunately tonight was a different story. Once I discovered her bed was all wet, I stripped the sheets and blankets. And discovered this. My beloved book (which mind you, every time I looked at it, took me down memory lane as I had the same when I was small) had been paper-crafted right into the bottom of her cot. Right, right down the end. What might look like flowers crafted out of vintage paper (if you squint your eyes really tight) looks to me like some small punk tore up my book in a gleeful fit of vintage loathing.  
Sadly, Tiny does not love vintage.


Aussie-waffler said...

Oh no, no, no. Oh Tiny, for one so cutealicious, you sure have taken to vintage loathing with great vim and vigour. :(

Miss Muggins said...

Oh dear! She sure knows how to hit you where it hurts!

zofia said...

Hmm, you may have to wait a little... ;)

Sally said...


Jessi said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! So sad! I'm sure she'll come around to the joy of vintage eventually.

Georgie Love said...

Oh! I explained very sadly and out loud when I scrolled down to see the Santa paper explosion.

But does that top come in a size 16???? I'll take it.

Vic said...

Oh the HORROR!

You warned me. You told me to click away but I just would not be told.

I have had VERY similar incidents here in the Punk household - but that is probably because MOST of Le Punk's books are vintage & reminicent of my own childhood - I used to scour oppies for them long before this child of mine was on the scene, so chances are, if a book is going to be destroyed, it's going to be an old one.

Poor San!

Sarah said...

I'm wondering how many readers squinted their eyes to see the vintage flowers? Hope you've kept the pages, a nice cool iron should flatten them out and then you could do some yummy mummy crafting to display way up high on the shelf away from the non vintage minx!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

That is so frustrating!!! Busy pretty much hates anything I like at the moment- including vintage. Does my head in.
My condolences about the book. A very sad loss.

Amy Paul said...

Oh you poor darling. You must indulge in some chocolate to make up for the pain you must be feeling.
I'm with Georgie Love on the shirt - I could use a pup outta that one.

Shine a Little Light said...

Oh dear! Tanty or not she looks very very cute in that cotton top!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that strength of character! Looking at Tiny and Little Tuesday; I think they must be of a similar age? I think there must have been a little wind of mischief blowing in December 2007... all babies born around then that I can think of know their own minds very well. (of course; it could just be that they are all almost two?)

Rach said...

On no, perhaps when she is older? Minnie plans on making a lot of changes when she is 4 (like eating greens, trying salmon again etc) - perhaps Tiny will love vintage when she turns 4? Here's hoping.

Anna Lloyd said...

If you send me the mangled pages I'll make you some blocks.

Hehe. I've been making some with thrifted golden books.

Anna Lloyd said...

Sure I can make you some if the papers are salvagable, maybe for a swap or something. email me at anaspangle at

flossy-p said...

Holy Guacamole! She really took it out on that book didn't she?

Gulp, imagine what she'll take it out on when she's 15?!

Maybe you should invest in a safe... or a vintage bank vault in your case ;) ...just till you see her safely through to the vintage admiration stage. :)