Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I wrote about nail polish/varnish and the chemicals it contains. Such as formaldehyde (remember that stuff from science class where the baby pig was suspended in liquid to preserve it? Or just think of Damien Hirst). Well I think wrote about it. I definitely read lots about it, but I can't find any such post.
But here I am again, banging on about nail varnish. And this one's a goodie, so listen up.

butter London is a 3 free company - no formaldehyde; no toluene; no DBP (and never have). I saw them just before Christmas and I have promised myself a date with a bottle of this goodness!

I'm a little infatuated with a few of their colours including:

Primrose Hill Picnic
Rosie Lee
And I definitely need the Horse Power Nail Fertiliser.

I've not yet tried them for myself, but man oh man, those colours look delicious and being 3 free gets my manicured thumbs up.

Butter up babies!
EDIT:: The bad news is...one of my UK friends read a review in the Sunday Times no less, of this lacquer saying it was not that great (though the colours still sing to me!) as it lasts for just a wee second. Sorry folks - though I did warn you I'd not tried it yet!


Anonymous said...

That purple is such a gorgeous colour!

Sarah said...

SOOooooo was it a good polish as well? Strong and dries in reasonable time? I am not a nail polish person but if these are good then I will pretty my nails with them!

Katherine said...


Sheilsy again.

By some random coincidence I was reading an old Sunday Times Style mag last night and that nail varnish was on the bottom of a cold list as it only lasts a wee second..

I tried to look it up on their website to get it for you but can't find.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...