Sunday, 24 January 2010

Where I Am At

I promised I'd talk about WW. So here it is. During my pregnancy with the Doctor I gained 20 kilos. Because I'm tall, most people wouldn't believe it, but trust me, after that initial weight loss post-birth, I was still towing around that extra weight (20 kilos is 80 sticks of butter - that's how I always think of it) and I knew all about it. So I went to WW and lost that weight and felt inherently better about the world, and myself. I even became a lifetime member (and have since had to use that card - which details my goal weight - as ID - how humiliating!).
Happy Mama, happy baby.

After Tiny, I had managed the same weight gain, and took a little longer to will myself to that place where I was ready to tackle the weight loss. I am not a huge exercise fan, and always struggle to get myself into a routine that includes exercising. Pre-babies I used to walk. And walk. And walk. I walked everywhere. We lived in the city, so it was perfect to just meander through all the back streets, most weekends I'd probably clock up about 3-4 hours of pure walking.

So pre-Christmas I went back to Weight Watchers. I have a real sweet tooth, in fact a whole mouth of sweet teeth, which is my downfall. I also comfort eat. Boredom. Loneliness. These are my triggers. This past month I have been eating and justifying it with 'but it's Christmas' (because as we all know food eaten on Christmas day is points free). Ahem. Given that Christmas is well and truly over, so is my sweet binge. I am back into walking and will resume my salad days with a vengeance.

For me it's about setting up those healthy habits for myself and our family, even if I need some reminders. I am setting an example for the way my children eat. And I always think about my poor body having to carry around weight that is the result of my sweet teeth. There. Now I've said it.

And of course, there's nothing like a piece of dust for lunch... Is there?


Anonymous said...

I, too, am a weight watcher. Though my teeth don't crave sweet... Oh no, they love savoury. Love. Love. Love. I am actually getting a huge kick out of the exercise. Little T doesn't mind being my exercise buddy. In fact, she is often heard muttering that she has to do some 'exermercise'.

Thanks for putting it out there, PMM. It is so nice to know someone else struggles with balancing food, kids and everything else. Not so clandestine and shamed about it now.

willywagtail said...

I've decided to go off the sugar in all drinks (which amounts to heaps actually!) because when you combine it with all the sleeping I am doing at the moment it quickly adds up. After just one week of being good in that department I have already noticed that one of my good tops fits me better than it did last time. A friend said use fructose as well but I think that is defeating the purpose for me of learning to enjoy drinks without the sweetener. Thanks for sharing. Every bit of encouragement helps us all to keep trying just one more day. Cherrie

Georgie Love said...

Oh it doesn't matter what size you are - when you are uncomfortable, you are uncomfortable and it's time for a change. It's hard to do and SO hard to talk about - so kudos to you. You are a complete hottie whatever size you feel comfortable in - and an inspiration.

Much love,
Fatty McFaterson ;-)


Toni Brockliss said...

I love her.

I agree that you have to feel good. It's like a ripple effect on how you feeling good makes everything better.
I have always battled with my weight. It's like when you get a hug when it's hot...will you git orf me!! Same with weight. I want to slap it.
After I had my two little I weighed 50 kilos....yes 50 more than I do now. It has taken a LONG time to shrink and I still have more I would like to lose.
It is extremely difficult to stay motivated for that long because I know exactly what you mean when you have to find the headspace. So true. There is a distict difference in one day where you will say I will just eat this one jelly won't then looking at the same jelly beans and walking past.
I also do not like exercise. I hate sweating and leaping. I am lady like. :)
I will spur you on, if you spur me on too.

Hazel said...

Thanks for sharing. I think we are a similar age (I've just turned 31), so this is inspiring. I'm tall too, and have gradually put on weight over the last years that I'm not happy with either.... I started classes at the gym last year, but although I feel stronger/fitter, I haven't really lost weight. I think now is time for food control. I really struggle though, loving to bake and am well fed by my partner....

Carla said...

Hello..just want to add that WW is the only way I have ever managed to curb my outrageous fluctuating eating habits. I never went to a meeting but borrowed the books from a friend. I like it because it's easy(ish), it makes sense, you don't have to give up bread and cheese and chocolate and wine, and it's great for people like me who love to write lists. I think it's that post-Christmas slightly porky feeling that's happening at the moment, it definitely is for me.

katiecrackernuts said...

I am using the Calorie King website to monitor intake and balance exercise against it. Haven't put on a lot of weight, but after losing 20, if you see those scales climb you do get paranoid about it. I am, though for today, 400 calories over my allowed 1200 (I know, low isn't it, I am using it to lose 3kg but can't wait to see what a "maintain" status will be). I did try a new dessert for the family - with butter and almond meal. Oh well. Family loved it and that's life. Good days and bad days, just knowing where you're at helps.

Stacey said...

I've never been to WW although probably should have.
I have recently lost a bit of weight, about 7kg and probably need to lose another 5 or so. After years of trying to diet, it just worked for me this time. I think you just need to be in the right frame of mind. I decided I really wanted to do it. The key for me, is just not to have bad stuff in the house as I have no self control. Lots of fruit, lots of water, not so much potato, rice and flour.
Good luck PM. You'll be a hottie regardless.

Lark said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I lost 11 kgs with WW before Christmas but it all just collapsed once the kids were off school so you've convinced me, next week I am back on the wagon. I've been too scared to go to a meeting and face the truth (2 kilos gained??) but I have to do it. x