Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Bad Photo, But Some Incredibly Fantastic Awesome Sewing

As you know, a long, long time ago, way before Snow White fell asleep, even before Cinderella found her glass slippers, there was a time when Tiny used to escape her nappies. It was an ugly time readers. Her mother was pulling out her hair (not Tiny's hair, her own hair). Going mad, rocking backwards and forwards, turning her cardigans into straitjackets and well, just going more than slightly bonkers.

There were Tiny little brown eggs laid on couch cushions. In a doll's pram. All about the house really. Like tiny little Tiny gifts. It was like every day was worthy of an egg hunt, because she had strewn the house with her own version of chocolatey treats.

I found some onesies to fit my small fry. I bought them. Then I personalised 'em with one of my favourite Kaffe fabrics. Be amazed ladies, because I stitched this myself. WHOA! I am a genius. Watch out for my book: '101 Ways with Onesies'. Sure to be a bestseller.


A said...

Lovely! Glad to see you found a solution for your permanent Easter bunny problem!

Sarah said...

you go girl!

Monique said...

Goodness Tiny looks like you. If you read your last three posts together and scroll down to the close up of you the likeness is uncanny.

Cute onesies. Great solution,

Cindy said...

You rock out that sewing needle Miss! I am glad that it has helped the Tiny presents. You neede some of those gorgeous retro playsuits

Mel said...

yeeees but would I be right in saying the onesie is actually unsnapped in that shot? Can she undo those buttons now!? Nice sewing though my dear - hey and I have some of that Kaffe on the pin cushion you sent me! Schweet!

Hey and lucky she only does nuggets ... ;)

Leonie said...

Glad you found a solution to the "rabbit" problem. That's always a fun one...NOT!!!!