Friday, 19 February 2010

Buttons You Can Not Push

Well you can push them, but they're not going to do much except sit there and look pretty, are they?

I've got an addiction and I'm not afraid to share it.
I love pretty buttons. Each time I go near a fabric/haby shop, I seek out the prettiest buttons. I have a real penchant for vintage looking buttons. And I also love the real deal, vintage buttons.

What do you love right this very minute?


Anonymous said...

right this minute I am loving the process of decluttering. But I could def re-clutter with a sweet button collection like that!

Christina said...

I love buttons too! Oooh, where did you get these ones from? Right now I am loving these buttons. :)

For Esme said...

vintage pyrex. cake plates. gingerbread people. decorative spoons. old cook books. yep, op-shops are my friend