Tuesday, 23 February 2010

In Answer To Your Questions

So many questions, so little time. I had better get cracking on my answers, I'll try and answer them in chronological order so let's get straight to it.

Wendy at The Textured Leaf asked:
What made you come up with the name PottyMouthMama?

In Latin, PottyMouthMama means 'incredibly wise and incredibly foxy lady'. I speak Latin in day to day conversations, so I wanted to bring a bit of the real me to my blog.


The name PottyMouthMama was conceived after spending long days potty training my son. It seemed like that stretch was going to last FOREVER (it doesn't). I felt like I spent my whole life talking about potty training, peeing, pooping, nappies, no nappies, undies, knickers, pants, pull-ups, bottoms, wipes, high-fives, way to go, good job, you did it, toilet seats, toilet paper. You get my drift? All that came out of my mouth and all that I felt I could conceivably discuss was potty training. And star charts. And hi-fives. And loads and loads of enthusiastic, supportive potty-loving-love!

People might click over expecting me to be cussing on the microphone, but I've tried to delete swearing. I hate when I hear my smalls echoing my swear words. So instead I say random, stupid things instead of cussing. It's far more silly and amusing. And my children won't be the potty-mouthed ones in the playground.

PottyMouthMama was all about potty training. It really was.

What item is centre on the third shelf from the top of your linen cupboard?

Another good question given we don't actually have a linen cupboard per se. We use a bookshelf, and everything tumbles out and looks generally messy unless I fold, refold, fold again constantly. And I am not doing that!

A tea tree bassinet mattress. Because where else would I put that? There of course!

Mel from From Little Things... asked:
For travel tips for travelling with smalls - particularly long haul

I am no expert on travelling with smalls. However, I have driven a few long-ish trips by myself with the two smalls. I always take a designated box/bag of activities to keep them occupied. Here are some of my ideas:
  • Wikki Stix: You can get these at good toy stores - they bend and bond with one another and you can make all sorts of creatures and people. I tried these with the Doctor when he was 2. He was too young. But if you have an older child these are ace, and for the younger kids, you wind up making the things (which is fine and still fun). They pack flat and are lightweight too.

  • Pasting: Before your trip you could go through some magazines, cut out lots and lots of random pictures (heads, bodies, animals, faces, lips etc) put them in a zip lock bag with a glue stick, some sticky tape and a scrap book. Obviously you can use smaller pieces for older children and larger pictures for littlies. You can extend this idea with some new textas. My current favourites are Giotto. They are SO lovely to draw and write with.

  • Food: Who doesn't love chowing down on a trip? Pack lots of different snack-a-roos so that you're not dependent on the air stewards. I like going to the health food shop. We buy these things called 'Peaz' - or we call them Pea Wheels. They are so yummy (and no doubt naughty) but the little ones love them. Try to avoid too much dried fruit because it is so high in sugar and you know the drill, those littlies will not be pleased having to be constrained, and you will get cranky and stressed trying to control them!

  • Presents: I got this idea from.. somewhere. Wrap a small present up for each hour of the trip (so to LA that's around 14 hours = 14 small gifts). Every hour that goes by, your child gets to open a present. Ideas: tattoos, those small colouring books (that you can use a coin to rub the picture), a lolly, a small wind up toy etc.

  • Books: We have some great magnetic books which are great to travel with. Reading is also a good way to get a child settled. You know this already of course.

  • Playdough: Pack a small container with playdough and some tools. (Check with airline prior to make sure you're not unnecessarily frisked, unless of course, that's your thing.)

  • Card games: Snap is good for littlies, easy to pack and cute pics are a drawcard (get it get it?!). Dominoes is fun too.

  • Music: If you're taking an iPod or MP3 player, load some of your kids favourite music. They love listening to music with the headphones and it can help them calm down and be still!

  • Stickers: I go to the $2 shop and load up on cheap stickers. Sparkly stickers. Puffy stickers. These can also be wrapped up as part of the presents idea. And go well with the scrapbook idea too.

  • Comfort toys: Don't forget to pack their favourite blankie or bear or dolly or whatever it is that your littlies love. A few favourite toy cars, or a dolly that can take clothes off or you can plait the hair..?

  • A chill pill: Everyone's been a child before. If anyone's shooting you filthies, shrug your shoulders and don't sweat it. I am SURE they had a tanty at one point in their lives. You're never going to see them again anyway, so don't worry about what they think! Travel safe. xxx

Cindy from Bug and Pop asked:
What's your proudest mama moment with each of your cuties?

Oh it's a hard one, but right this minute here are my highlights:

The Doctor telling me I am his favourite because I am 'the softest'. I am pleased to know that my moisturising has paid off.

I really love seeing the Doctor learning new things and running with it - for instance he is very interested in Aboriginal culture at the moment, so we've been borrowing books from the library and talking lots. Though I am a little concerned that for some unknown reason he thinks the didgeridoo is called a 'hoogey'. Not sure where he got that from.

Tiny - well she really makes me all melty when she says proudly: 'I did it Mum!' So cute. I also love kissing her good night, she flips over and says 'Nigh nigh, wuv you Maaaaaaaaaaaaam.'

Every day there is something new though, they are my proudest creations.

Kate from Foxs Lane wanted to know:
We are desperate to find a contractor to drill plow the paddock across the road with oats. Do you know anyone?

Kate has thrown me a curly one. Kate is going to have to wait 'til I get back to her with someone to sow her wild oats.

Vic from Punky & Me asked me:
Who is the woman in the picture & what is she thinking about?

I am shocked Vic doesn't recognise the woman in the picture. It's me! Starring as my alter ego, Mitzi Kaboo (with a big Getty Images logo tattooed on my head). I am thinking about solving world crises, such as who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, what happens when my best friend's bus driver's mother's nail artist's son's sister's doesn't recognise me in the supermarket, and other tough questions such as - what shall I cook for dinner today?
I will endeavour to answer the rest of my questions later Kelly Slater. x


Mel said...

OH MY GOD! You rock sister. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and all I'd come up with so far was stickers and scrapbooks ... oh and the fourteen small presents thing (I had heard that somewhere too?). Just goes to show you what an awesome teacher I was(n't)! I think I was frozen with fear but you have defrosted me you have PMM! Maybe now my mind will be able to go there without breaking into a cold sweat! Will get straight onto the sticks thing and the magnetic books! Oh I love this idea! Thanks again! Will keep you posted ;)

Vic said...

Ah, thank you.

My mind has been suitably put at ease, although I am more than a little curious to see who you shall find to assist Kate with the wild oat dilemma... ;)

Toni Brockliss said...

Oh you make me laugh Mitzi Kaboo!
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