Tuesday, 16 February 2010

In The Know:: Nappy Goo

Tiny gets the worst nappy rash I have ever seen. No matter the frequency of the nappy changes, if she's not well, then she'll get nappy rash. And it's so bad she arcs her back, clamps her legs together and cries 'no, no stop it' when you're trying to wipe her little bot bot, even if it's just water and cotton pads.
Luckily my sister's friend, Lindy, is in the know. She's come to the rescue with Nappy-Goo. Developed and formulated by the Pharmacy Department at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, it's a thick, soothing cream to help prevent, manage and treat nappy rash.
Nappy-Goo contains Zinc oxide, Hamamelis water (witch hazel water), and Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) to provide a soothing cream with mildly astringent and antiseptic properties that can help to prevent, manage and treat nappy rash. It smells pretty damn good too.
Here's a list of Nappy-Goo stockists around Australia.
I think it would make a swell inclusion in a new baby gift too. Well.. Not just the cream, but as part of a wee hamper.


Georgie Love said...

I found a cream that is made by a pharmacist here in Vic, although I initially bought it in Albury over Christmas, when Rubes rash was so bad, it was weeping and cracked and just miserable. IT'S THE BOMB and the best thing in the world. No matter how bad her rash is, if I slather it on, it's nearly healed in the morning, it's strong, soothing and awesome. I should send you some, if you need some for Tiny?

willywagtail said...

I'm past all that but I am sure there are some mothers out there whose littlies will be so happy that you passed on this info. It is very thoughtful of you. Cherrie

Leonie said...

Makes all the difference finding the right product, here's hoping Tiny doen't need it too often!

Michele said...

This cream sounds great. Paw Paw cream (in a little red tube or tub awesome too). I know you have probably tried everything and sick of hearing well you should just do x but I have to put in a suggestion you look into the FAILSAFE info. is all about additives colours and chemicals to avoid for skin rashes and heaps of other physical and behavioural conditions. I am a HUGE cynic and have a rather finetuned bullS&it metre but cant say enough about this (my 2 had exzma and other skin issues and only thing that worked was doing the FAILSAFE). its not easy but so worth it to stop the tears and pain/irritation in little ones. Just google sue dengate and or FAILSAFE. Loads of info and cookbooks. One of the few "diets" backed by hospitals (big one in Sydney cant think of name but can get back to you) and also new research coming out of UK about specific reactions kids have to common additives. Trick is many of these colours/additives in so called HEALTHY foods like yogurt etc (as well as the obvious ones in snack/processed foods). And also many reactions are to naturally occurring foods that we also consider good for kids (and are IF they dont react to them) so fruits etc. Looks at AMINES, SALICLYLATES and GLUTAMATES as well as chemicals/additives etc all the "numbers" on ingredients lists to avoid. and also HIDDEN ones that are named different things to get around using them. Hope this helps (will get off my soapbox now : )))

jo price said...

..we are BIG fans of Nappy Goo heretoo...a nurse friend passed it onto me...great stuff. Best advice she gave me for the 'bleeding nappy rash' was to pop some cotton balls / pads in a small dish with warm water and olive oil instead of wipes. Stops screaming at nappy changes every time...followed by Nappy goo :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lexi, we had a visit to the paed gastroenterologist last week, and while it's not something I've shared with many, here it seems very relevant!

I mentioned a burning red bottom that accompanied very loose poos, and dr said that was unabsorbed sugar that turns to acid and BURNS! (due to fructose malabsorption) ouch!! This cream will be great for us - thanks but I'm also pleased to report that things have improved dramatically in just days reducing fructose in her diet, so it looks like she's a fructose malabsorber. Now to see if she's lactose intollerant too.

You could try a simple test over just 2 days by removing fructose foods and see if the rash subsides - then get some medical advice.