Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Baby Stylista

What happens when your child doesn't walk out of the house looking like those smalls posed artfully in a magazine?

What happens when your youngest doesn't want to remove her PJ top, because it sports a puppy, so she wears her PJ top as daywear for the entire shopping trip? What happens when your son dresses himself and wears trackie pants that are 2 sizes too short, and a tee two sizes too big?

What happens friends?

My children are very particular about what they wear. Well the Doctor dresses himself, and I never have the heart to tell him something doesn't go with the other thing, I don't want to strip him of the confidence. For the most part his outfits are well considered. And when they're not I am ok with it.

I mean, these are the big things plaguing me. My children's outfits.

Today the Doctor insisted on wearing as much green as possible because it's St Patrick's Day. Regardless of weather-appropriate choices, he wore whatever green he could lay his mitts on, even accessorising with a pre-Autumnal leaf.

And Tiny went out shopping with me half in PJs, half in day clothes. With unruly hair and eating Jatz. Because Jatz ARE good no matter how bogan you might think they are.

My kids never look like they've stepped from the pages of a magazine. I am ok with that. I've spent enough hours of my life wondering what to wear without stowing that on my children and starting them early.

I do sometimes hide ugly or inappropriate clothing. Such as the rash vest that Tiny ALWAYS wants to wear - shopping, to the beach, to the library, to bed. It's the rash vest that keeps on giving.

And the Doctor has deemed ugg boots for outside wear. Unfortunately (or not) they are now too small and he's ever so patiently waiting for an upgrade (maybe).

But these outfits do score some woeful looks. Like we're some crazy family that just rolled a charity bin and got dressed in whatever we found first. Whatever fits goes! Some women look at my children with curiousity (and was that a quiet 'tut tut' I heard?). Is that Pyjamas, or is it... arty? Is this child the next Anne Demeulemeester? Is that child sourcing her looks from Dries Van Noten? Did Rachel Zoe fly over to style these children? Wow, is The Sartorialist around because that puppy PJ top is crazy wild with that crazy wild bed hair and that crazy half eaten Jatz protruding from her mouth.

And then there are other people's children who no matter what - rain, hail or spaghetti, still look gleaming.

Mine are usually sporting some sort of crumb. Some sort of stain. Or some sort of random accessory in the form of - well a leaf, a Jatz, a rash vest, or a plastic cow. We like to mix things up here.
I've tried stuffing my children in to skinny jeans, but it just seems so mean - hey kids, sit very very still - oh wait, you have to because you can't move! So for now, we've skipped on denim (and who wouldn't want to at the rate the denim industry is going, skinny anyone?).

No matter what, I don't care - as long as my kids are having fun and being kids, that is all that counts. I take heart when I read things like this. Why? Because I am not whipping my kids into submission. Now that is what I call ugly.

Image is via Hooked on Houses, Rachel Zoe in her wardrobe. Mine looks like that too. Exactly like that. Er yeah. And so does the kids dressing up box. Yep uh huh. Believe me. Non? Oh come on, it totes does.


BuBbles said...

This is a bit random but I thought I saw you out shopping today actually - did you hit the CR sale? If it was you, I didn't notice Tiny half-dressed in pj's ;)

Michelle said...

You guys will so fit in here in Tasmania. We all dress like that!

the textured leaf said...

Your kids will be amazingly together and completely secure as adults! My last boy would only wear green!


It's funny - but before I had a baby I couldn't understand why parents let their kids dress so randomly. Now I get it! x

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

*hand up over here*. Child constantly covered in texta and glitter and a bit of snot thrown in.
I call it well adjusted.

Little Ted Canvas said...

My middle son wore a superhero outfit every single day for two years! I thought it was cute, some couldn't believe I'd let him out like that! Now he's a big preppie, his school uniform is just as exciting for him to wear even on days off...suits me, less washing!

Mel said...

Um yeah - I second everything you have just said. I cringe most days when we walk out the door (except when I remember a photo of me as a two year old wearing a pinnochio t-shirt and red and white checked bell bottoms and I thank god my parents let me wear such an awesome outfit).

However, I am going to cringe no more because I saw so much scary caring-about-adult-stuff-far-too-early stuff while in LA (i.e seven year olds having manicures, twelve year olds wearing Juicy Couture and sporting crystal clutch purses as day wear .... and the list goes on)

I say rock out kids with your pj's and your jatz. They'll thank us for it later ... I hope!

mama bear said...

Oh that's hilarious, I love that you let your kids wear what they want. I'm making the most of our little one whilst she has no say in the matter!

PS. Papa Bear has started reading your blog, and wanted me to let you know he thinks you're a brilliant writer. (And the fella's pretty well read so I think he knows what he's talking about!)

Leonie said...

Mostly I just check for no obvious lumps of food on the kids and no snot on my shoulder and as long as they are wearing clothes of some description I honestly don't care what it is.

We of course have the problem here of the child who doesn't want to decide and wants me to choose his clothes on a daily basis. Thank god for school uniforms!! His dad paired the socks though and this morning we found a "pair" of odd socks so I sent him off to find the other "pair" to fix the problem. He couldn't decide between the two pairs of sport socks one with the red stripe and one with the black, it took more than five minutes and I think in the end he asked his little brother to decide!!!

teddybearswednesday said...

I totes love this post. It made me laugh but I also just really loved Ok I'm not a mum, but I love that you allow your kids to be kids, rather than little fashion icons. It actually can make me sad and a bit cross when I see these little perfect mini model kids working around, or mini their mum- I think who is that for- you or the kid? Your kids will grow up feeling much more sane and themselves I think, rather than that appearance is the most important thing ( that is a great gift in this appearance obsessed age)
So Hooray for you Lexi, and hooray for the Dr and his little green outfit, and for Tiny for wearing PJs outside ( you know it's what we all want to do)
Hey and I'm known to sport the old crumb, thread, bit of stuffing myself.
sorry for the looong comment xo

Anonymous said...

Hello, enjoy your blog and love your vibe, haven't commented before, but after reading this post felt inspired to say....

I am a mum of two (aged 3 and 5) and I know from experience that there certainly comes a time when you can't control (or even influence!) what they wear anymore. I actually love this phase and I love seeing kids out and about, seeing their crazy outfits and just knowing that they're totally at that phase! Gives big kudos to the mum/parent I reckon, for letting the kids do their thing! And I'm often surprised at how totally funky they look, having compiled a completely off the wall outfit that would never have occurred to me.

So don't cringe! Just be glad you're letting your kids express themselves! I kind of used to revel in it when we lived in Sydney (the fact that my daughter especially, would pull together some bizarre clothing choices) but about 18 months ago we moved to the Blue Mountains, and hey baby anything goes up here!

Makes you realise how strange some peoples hang ups are!