Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sleep? What Sleep?

Last night was a little different. Matt and I had planned an early night. Ever since a middle of the night attempted break in last year, I've hated going to bed. I put it off until I fear I may turn into a pumpkin.

So we bunkered down in bed and I was watching Stephen Fry on QI. I love that show. It's silly how much I adore it.

And then Tiny struck up. Not singing, screeching. Crap!

I convinced Matt that he should definitely get up since we had just turned off the light and it was an extra opportunity for Tiny cuddles. After a few minutes of faux arguing, he got out of bed.

Mandatory cuddle and put Tiny back into bed.

Screeching ensued.


Time crept by. Tiny kept screeching. We took turns. Was she pretending to be a newborn? Who knows?
By 11:50pm I had gotten up for the third or fourth time, and all the mad racket had roused the Doctor, who had coincidentally wet the bed. And then Tiny decided she wanted something to eat.

Are you freaking kidding me?

So there we are at midnight - the Doctor talking to me about swimming, Tiny sitting at her tiny table eating a banana and having a glass of milk.

I imagined if someone was looking in at us, it would make a curious picture. And all the while Matt was trying to convince me that the wee patch in the Doctor's bed wasn't that big (no it's just soaked through three layers of mattress protectors, not much at all - here sleep on this).

And then the Doctor came to sleep with us. With his hands and legs stuck underneath me. And me wedged on a thin slither of bed.

Sleep, where for art thou?

Awkward family photos courtesy of Awkward Family Photos


anna sister said...

I want to put this into an album and present it to you when you are ....I was going to say 40 but it still wont be funny maybe 60 ....hahahahah love but I better not laugh because Oraskeerrma has hit and I am not finding it funny

Corrie said...

I was hoping those photos weren't from your family album!

often the twins wake up in the middle of night and act like it's 7am and they are ready to party rather than midnight! They read happily and carry on and half an hour later fall asleep! funny now, not funny when it happens! drives me nuts!

I feel your pain!


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Love the photo of the goat!

As I am woken with singing at all hours, I just keep telling myself sleep is for the weak, sleep is for the weak, sleep is for the .... zzz.

BuBbles said...

It's always the bloody way isn't it. Hope you got some better sleep last night.

Angie said...

Poor you. We have just come through 2 months of my 2 year old waking up at all hours of the night. Sometimes she just potters in to our room, sometimes she wakes screaming. We have just put a stop to her getting to stay in our bed as it's too crowded (with the baby still in there as well....who needs contraception?) Her last 2-year molar has just come through and the night waking seems to be easing off.

But it is so draining and long-term it drives you bonkers so hope you get a good sleep-in sometime soon (we take it in turns on the weekend)

Leonie said...

In the early hours this morning I woke with the 4 year old on one side the two year old on the other and the husband completely absent, with the 6 year old standing by my head saying he'd wet the bed (WTF!!)and could he climb in please. After checking and finding he had not yet changed so NO he could not climb in the spaceless bed, I sent him off to get changed and climb into his brother's dry bed but he came back and wanted in so he was sent off to the couch. I found my husband on the single bed in the spare room. Whatever happened to the marital bed??? I soooo feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Awkward family photos are the bomb! Wherever did you find that site?

Are you having a wee little sleep this afternoon?

Monique said...

Was there a full moon last night? My two were wacko last night as well. Luca didn't fall asleep till after 10 (around 9 he closed his bedroom door and re-emerged as SUPERMAN!) and Miss Ellie was trotting into ours at half 12. She phaffed and phaffed, went downstairs, got herself a biscuit and a new ted to cuddle and plonked herself back in our bed where she wiggled and squirmed till I was scrunched into 5cm of space and Tools was clinging to the side of his. Suffice to say I woke this morning with a headache and a crick neck.

PS BIG GIRL BED. Do it! We had weeks of the screeching before we took control and changed the bed. She still wakes but toddling in is far more civilised then being screeched at in the dead of the night.

Wow! That was long. We are not alone in our nocturnal hilarity. Oh I can't wait till they are teenagers and we call haul their sorry arses out of bed!

denise said...

I feel your pain...unfortunately on a regular basis...except for me it's dogs, not little humans. I haven't had a good night's sleep in 3.5 years (that's when I no longer allowed them to sleep with me... pay back's a bitch.)