Friday, 9 April 2010

Right Now:: Favourite Children's Books

Our kids have a voracious appetite when it comes to books. They have their own library cards and regularly borrow up to 20 books a pop. Which is a bit of a drag when it comes to overdue fines of which we seem to be acquiring a few of late. Eeep. But borrowing from the library is fun - choosing whatever you want, from a plethora of books, it feels exciting. And in my book books should be exciting!

Today's Goop listed favourite children's books. A topic close to my own heart. I enjoyed reading Gwyneth's recommendations along with a whole cache of stars. I could sit in Kinokuniya for hours looking at their children's books. I often steal time to go in there - lucky for me it's close to Matt's work.

Books are definitely one of my weaknesses - and I often feel guilty for buying the smalls books - but thankfully Matt always comes to my aid to tell me there's no need to feel guilty for buying books because they are so important for so many reasons.

Otherwise I read online about books. Reading about books can be fun and drool-worthy too!

Here are some of our current favourites:

Tiny's picks (she's 2) -

Emily's Balloon - a really beautifully illustrated book by Komako Sakai
Emily's has a yellow balloon that she takes home with her, by the afternoon it's more than a balloon, it's a beloved friend. What happens when the balloon floats away? The simple charcoal drawings are evocative of the 60s, so sweet and cute.
Good Night Me - Andrew Daddo & Emma Quay
Even I love, love, love this book (not that I'm the toughest critic). It's a simple premise, saying good night to each body part as a way of unwinding the mind, but so beautifully and simply done. We go back to this one time and time again. And the illustrations are delightful.

The Doctor's picks (he's almost 5)...

Gulpilil's Stories of The Dreamtime - first published in 1979. This is a fantastic book. My parents gave me a copy when I was 9, and now the Doctor is enjoying hearing the stories of the Dreamtime. It might be difficult to find a copy now, but here's one on Amazon, Book Depository.. Can't find any online Australian stockists... !

Wild Animal Hunt: Search with a torch for the animals and then read about them. This is a fun book to look at together and 'spot' the animals.

The Story of Things: Neal Layton

We love Neal Layton in this house. He has lots of great books and they have kooky cute illos that are fun and appealing. It's pop-up too, so there's lots to see and read about - from farming, inventions, steam, electricity, it's interesting and educational! BOINg!

What are you reading right this very minute?


Mel said...

Well, I'm reading you! I love "Goodnight Me" too! How cute is his face when he actually falls asleep? So realistic. I am hating the fact that a lot of crap literature has entered our reading time - bad Thomas and Chuggington stories. Just bad. For awhile there though we were obsessed with the Mr McGee books (Pamela Allen). Lots of excellent rhyming. Otherwise the almost five-year old is a bit hooked on Milly Molly Mandy ... flashback!

jodi said...

i'm reading the sydney writer's festival guide. it was just realised. go check it out. ps. word verification is potma. appropriate, hey!

Cat said...

Books are my weakness too! The Bebito is only 18 months but he too is a voracious reader and is currently obsessed by Grug and Miffy. He laughs out loud at the Grug's books. I'm glad to share this obsession with the boy cos my Mr isn't at all interested in reading.

sewing the seeds of love said...

Miss 4 is obsessed with dinosaurs so I think we have every dinosaur book possible borrowed from the library at the moment! she tells everyone she is going to a palaeontologist when she is as old as me..which according to nearly as old as a dinosaur !
Otherwise, Babette Cole has been featuring around here at bedtime, with her Trouble with Mum, Dad Grandma and Grandad stories. and Winnie the Witch is a daily must !
Yes, reading books as a child is like no other reading in one's life ...magical.
x PJ x
PS I used to get lots of late fees but now I can renew online for up to a further 4 weeks...maybe find out if your library has this service ? !

mama bear said...

Yeah – reading rules! I hope BB will be a big reader. We don't have a TV so she'll need something to keep her entertained.

One of my favourite kids books is Beegu. It's about a little alien that gets stranded on earth. Almost always brings a tear to my eye. Looksee here:

Michele said...

Eric Carles Brown Bear Brown Bear and Panda Bear books in high rotation. Even my little guy whos not much of a talker can recite them word for word. Who Sank the Boat a favourite, and any of the Charlie and Lola books are a huge hit

Home Girl said...

ok i'm going to show off here and maybe up the anti but we are doing... chapter books! winter was given 'james and the giant peach' recently for his 5th bday and it was like some kind of paradigm shift. i was unsure how he would go with minimal pictures but he LOVED IT, was captavated by the story and couldn't wait each night to read another chapter. now we are onto harry potter which is another big leap (we are planning to backtrack to enid blyton when finished) but after hearing about HP from big boy friends w insisted on giving it a go. even mr 3 yr old is enjoying listening and asking lots of questions. very exciting stuff for a mum that devoured books as a child and is looking forward to re-visitng the classics.