Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Things The Doctor Likes

The Doctor is five next month. You've no idea how much this absolutely (simultaneously) terrifies and delights me.

While we were on vay-kay we went to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. My Mum came too and each of us delighted in it (I may have even cried because that's the kind of cornball I am). We have been talking about this film non-stop ever since. We've been building caves. We've been talking about the merits of dragons. It's fun. We're planning to read the book.

We highly recommend this film (and we'll even give it 4.5 stars - 1/2 subtracted for the mash-up of accents that I found distracting, the Doctor didn't notice/mention).
Choc tops are compulsory.
PS - On a completely different front, if you object to pornographic material being in yo' face and in your kids face, go here.


Carla said...

We went to see that on Sunday, after too many Easter eggs. I kept flinching at the explosions and L (also 5) told me to stop it. He then came home and drew dragons all afternoon...a new craze has definitely been born!

The Essess said...

My nephew was discussing his favourite movies on the weeknd and he also highly reccommended this one.. How do childless couples watch kids flciks? Maybe I should borrow a nephew to take with me???

Mama Mogantosh said...

We are deep in dragon love over here too.Will definitely wait for that one to come into the video shop and then make it's way through the system until it is a weekly rental.

Cause we is SPONTANEOUS like that!

zofia said...

We saw this too, I LOVED it!
Who wouldn't want a Toothless?

Tania said...

This afternoon the eldest two and I indulged in the very same. With choc tops. Excellent. Two hours of blissed-out kids and only three rounds of bickering during the drive home. Give me strength.

pepper said...

ooh i want to see this movie too. dragons. 3d. fun.