Thursday, 15 April 2010

The UnReview:: The Women

Every now and then you are lucky enough to be the recipient of my un-reviews. Or my anti-reviews.
Thank your lucky stars because I am saving you a lot of:

a) time
b) money
c) viewing pleasure
d) reputation from being seen to be hiring these ridiculously poor films and having that on your record

So today, I un-bring you The Women. Possibly one of the worst films I have ever had to endure. I say had to because, well I couldn't just abandon it, I always have hope that a film will redeem itself, even if by the one hundred and nineteenth minute it hasn't done so, there's still a few minutes left.

The most tantalising part of this film was watching Meg Ryan's lips. And realising Meg and Nicole Kidman share the same duck bill mouth. It was a revelation.

I won't go anymore into this film because for the record, I'd like to be re-imbursed the almost two hours it took from my life.

Apparently this is a remake and the 1939 version is awesome. This one, notsomuch. Eva Mendes was badly cast - not to mention Candice Bergen as Meg Ryan's mum?! Wrong. What was Candice thinking?? What was I thinking?

I give it half a star if I could even be bothered.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Thankfully I knew I'd be too distracted by Meg Ryan's mouth to watch this - having LOVED the original. Love your un-review - sorry you had to subject yourself though.

beccasauras said...

The copy I borrowed was all scratched, I took it back and they asked if I wanted them to clean it and give it back- I said 'No Way! It's shit!' heehee (a few months ago, actually)

Lady Bird said...

Agree!!!! I unfortunately paid money to go see it at the movies...I wanted to walk out but the pop corn made me stay!

Pip Lincolne said...

Quack. David from The Movie Show I think LIKED it... or was it Margaret? Well... one of them did! I shall not borrow it. I shall keep my $6.95. I shall.

earl and cookie said...

i managed to dodge this one but unfortunately ran headlong into "hot tub time machine" tickets is my only excuse but even then....uuggg

teddybearswednesday said...

there haven't been enough of your unreviews,
this one wasn't big on my list, but now I will avoid it at all costs.
but Lexi how can you do it, sit there no matter how terrible it is? Forever the optimist, that's what we love about youxx

Miss Muggins said...

I kind of liked it. Not sure if I should say that out loud!

Michele said...

i wish i knew this a week or so ago what a waste of time and money hey