Sunday, 9 May 2010

Beach:: Boom Fo' Realz!

I'm sure we're all acquainted with the fact that yesterday was Mother's Day. I clocked up a 6:45am sleep-in. Ahem.
We spent the morning at Balmoral. Sprawled out on a piece of lawn and a patch of sand. Despite the fact that it's May, it felt like Summer almost, and I was wearing a pair of jeans. Wrong!

But we had an awesome morning. The Doctor and I hatched our cunning beach plan earlier in the week, so it was a highly anticipated more-than-a-moment.

We built another Dino World, enjoyed fish & chips together, and just lolled about in that magnificent Autumn sun.

Mama, or not-a-Mama, what did you get up to?


Cass said...

Sounds like a perfect day

Two Tuesdays said...

Lolly about is my favourite pass time! Sounds like a wonderful celebration for a delightful Mama.