Monday, 3 May 2010

Stop! It's Thrifty Time

On Saturday, when I was meant to be packing more stuff away and tidying our abode, I snuck off to a flea market as only true flea marketing warriors would do. Warrior? Why warrior? Well my husband was grumpy, but due to the fact I was grumpier, I won and escaped the throes of house chores and ran away for 1/2 hour to join the thrifty circus.

I gave myself a budget of $10. And I stuck to it.

In amongst some other stuff I scored, I got these three pretty plates to add to my collection.

And those bromeliads? I bought a bunch of those for 10 tiny dollars too. Ok so I went over budget. But not by much. Just double or nothing folks, double or nothing!

How was your weekend? Anything to report?

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Kirsty said...

Lovely thrifty finds. Hooray for double or nothing...the fleurs well worth the dosh.

Cindy said...

The face page linky thing didn't work on my computer?!
Love the flowers, they always make me feel better I think. The plates are super sweet.

Mel said...

i did an illegal u-turn followed by a dodgy park to "just duck in" to a church fete only to find there was a measly two tables set up. Not happy Jan. I did however score a smelly version of Sing a song of Sixpence (for a buck) which Ms Five is addicted to.

I love the plate at the very top. Gorgeous!

Cass said...

You always find the best stuff and good flea markets too. There is never anything over my way

mylittlebirdie said...

very pretty finds, love the top one and those flowers are stunning i've never seen them before, will be on the look out now! : )

teddybearswednesday said...

gorgeous plates Lexi. xo

Anonymous said...

Bargains are the best revivifyer! Well scored you!