Friday, 14 May 2010

Supreme Talent

I had a hectic day today picking up keys, getting my very first parking ticket (parking inspector I shake my fist at you!), and sitting opposite someone on the train eating boiled eggs and making me want to vomit in my mouth with each of his/her (I couldn't tell) boiled egg burp.
I'm serious. It should be a crime to eat eggs in public because I do not like it. I don't like the second-hand egg smell. And third-hand egg burp. Oh man, that just makes me want to vom a little more.
Other than that, I came home to something supremely divine that someone supremely talented has made. See that bear up there. Oh man, he is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. Jess (supremely talented and supremely humble) has made little Donut. He makes my heart melt. For realz, if it's even possible, this little dude is even cuter IRL (that's geek-speak for In Real Life). I bought him for a friend. But I might want to keep him.
I've told you about Jess at Teddy Bear's Wednesday before. I'm telling you again. She's one smart cookie.
Jess I hope you don't mind, I used one of your images without your permission.


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

could not agree more about the egg thing, good god, urk...yuk, repulsive! and could not agree more about the cuteness of this bear. beautiful. hope you're well, lexi. x

Mama Mogantosh said...

Lucky that Manwoman wasn't me Lexi. Eggs make me hiccough and fart frantically. Ooh, I'm sophistimacated after breakfast on the town. Therefore I would not eat eggs on a train. (to paraphrase Dr Suess) for reasons of the public good. Love that bear.

teddybearswednesday said...

You're a nong, why would I mind??? My god you are too much too kind too good!!! thank you for such a gorgeous post glowing review and gorgeous things you say. Mind? I'm over the moon!!
ANd about the egg thing, totally with you on that, as much as I love eggs ( although not a fan of the old hard boiled) but I'll go a step further than you, I also feel repulsed by the smell of someone eating Macca's or some another greasy fast food on public transport. It is just wrong.
THanks again Miss Spesh. really you too much xoox

mama bear said...

The smell of eggs. Ergh.

No good on the parking ticket. I had a trail of them in Melbourne, there was this one time, when I had a full-on argument with the parking inspector in front of my favourite restaurant.

And be argument I mean me yelling and him grinning as he continued to write out my fine. I'll tell ya one day, I had some good points in there.

Very cute bear. I like his name. I see she's got two more in her shop. Hhhmmm...

Shine Little Light* said...

Cuteness! Keep him! Egg smell = bad... vom smell = worse.... *s*

clare's craftroom said...

I felt a little yuck just reading about the eggy smell , blah !
The bear is just so cute I'd want to keep it too .

CarolineB said...

I'm giggling at your descriptions of egg-chomping person. Well, giggling and gagging!

Cindy said...

Hello there lovely lady!
I am so there with the strange egg thing. I have not even been able to eat them in the morning as the smell does me in and I use to eat them all the time - no idea why?! I always had a little public transport jealousy, think of all that craft time, not so much now.
I couldn't give up Donut, no siree