Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tiny Style Tips

We're overdue for some Tiny style tips. Tiny's big on style. Her own personal style. She's like the Diana Vreeland of toddlers. Today she's dishing out beauty tips.
When choosing lip gloss it's best to go for a shade that depicts your mood. Emo it is then!
Once you've chosen a shade then you're up to applying the gloss. Always, always go for the more is more mantra.
That way it won't rub off too quickly when you're hoovering up all the popcorn and freshly baked cake. In fact, if you have a lot of gloss on, then chances are the crumbs will get stuck in the gloss and you'll have some stuck on your lips for laterz. Seriously - this is epicurean beauty tips at their best.
For ultra-beauty, make sure you get your mitts on some contraband - try some face cream, and slather it all over your feet. Once that has been all used, then move onto the cleanser. There's nothing wrong with cleansing AFTER moisturising. You'll have really soft, clean feet. So clean you could eat off them.
Oh and if you get sick of your gloss, just wipe your face on the bed, couch, or whatever is handy - maybe your Mum's jeans?
'til next time, this is Tiny de Bouvier signing off.
Do you think Tiny could write some style tips for primped?


Toni Brockliss said...

Oh Tiny. You are so precious. Look at those big eyes. What a beauty.
Thanks for the tips Tiny.
I have my own tip to share - when putting a little dab of clear super glue on a ladder in your stocking, just make sure you are not wearing them at the time.
Live and learn.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh my! Who would have thought you could rock an emo lip with those botticelli curls? Obviously it's all in the attitude!

Rach said...

Wipe it on your mummy and daddy's white bed linen. That's what Minnie liked to do!

Your Tiny is gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Oh my, she is a peach. An emo peach, but a peach none the less.

I have a three year old called Lexie who tells me "you need cream Mumma. Cream to cover your old skin. I know these fings y'know Mumma". Thanks Ms Wilton.

Kirsty said...

Next you'll see the judges on Masterchef wearing gloss so that they can saviour their favourite dishes for later.
Great post PMM. Looking forward to Tiny's next style tips.

mama bear said...

Thanks Tiny. And to think I've had my cleansing routine wrong all these years. Sheesh, if only you had been around earlier.

(Lexi, I think I may have peed my pants reading this. Another reason I should be doing those PFEs after childbirth.)

mama bear said...

PS. Still, she is VERY CUTE. Am loving the bouffant hair.

Duyvken said...

Oh yeah!
Walking that cream and cleanser through the house would be fabulicious.
Can't wait to read more Tiny tips.

Tamsyn said...

Awww that's just too cute :)

Michele said...

with those eyes and curls I reckon she could just about get away with anything

PS my 5 yo has way more eyeshadow/nailpolish/handcream/lipstick/gloss in her stash than I do and she rocks it out a heck of a lot better than I do whats more

kids! lucky they are so darn cute

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tiny you totally make my day, do you think that Little T's budget could stretch to a Tiny makeover for Mother's Day?

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh lexi, that picture is priceless! how on earth do you have a say in anything that happens in your home when those amazing eyes are looking up at you everyday?! great post, keep on stylin' tiny.

Danielle said...

oh you make me laugh out loud - and she is beautiful!

Sally said...

She is so beautiful I think I might give her tips a try - especially the one about crumbs for later on the lip gloss. That is pure gold.