Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Beautiful Day

Ah - it's such a beautiful Autumn day - and the first weekend when we've had nothing much to do except twiddle our thumbs. And rake up leaves.

We're loving this space of ours.

The house we lived in previously was very, very private. It would be a rare day to hear any kids playing next door. And that's what I'm finding strangely comforting here. I love the sound of kids playing next door. It could hold the promise of new friendships for my own smalls.

Back when I was four my best friend was James. We were inseperable. I remember climbing through the fence to go visit him. I remember hiding in a bush giggling madly with him. I vaguely remember jumping in a swimming pool when he was in swimming. And I couldn't swim. Subsequently my Mum had to dive in to fish me out. Oops.

Other things I am digging about this new place.. the crepe myrtle that's smack bang in our garden. I love crepe myrtle. They remind me of my grandmother's garden.

The small space I am thinking might be prime position for a wee cubby house.

The oak tree with it's old branches - prime position for a swing? Even if our driveway is littered in its leaves (they're so last season), it's such an enchanting tree.

The fact that we're on the flight path for Mr Whippy. This is still high on our love list.


Tania said...

I love Crepe Myrtle too. Though I guess that's no surprise. They're the bestest tree to watch the seasons by. Here's to a good load of them seasons in this home...

jodi said...

so happy for you. x

Michelle said...

So happy to read that you're settling into your new place well. Sounds like a great neighbourhood.


Michele said...

re James your bestest bestest friend at 4 - have you read Amy & Louis? If not you must go out and buy stat (any good bookstore - red cover, gorgeous illustrations) all about a friendship between a little boy and girl who do exactly that - climb through the fence to play in each others yard. V cool book. Bit bittersweet but lovely lovely lovely

PS So nice that your new house is becoming a home (and the urrrrrgggggggh of selling and packing and moving is all a distant memory)

Michele said...

hey did you get an email I sent some time ago with info on the Circle of Security re kids behaviour? If not (and you want me to resend) then let me know. (was back when you were looking for parenting books etc anyone could reccomend think the smalls had been giving you some grief with toileting and sleep and that sort of thing admidst all the chaos of work and life and open homes etc

Mama Mogantosh said...

I love the sound of that backyard. So happy for you.

Engracia said...

Mr Whippy stops outside yur door? You have certainly found the perfect home.