Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Don't Go Back To Snotsville

Well hello there.

For the past week I've been in some sort of denial, and it's time for me to 'fess up.

I have a cold. Gasp. I am snotty, coughy, green mucousy, disgusting.

The Doctor and I got sick at roughly the same time. I lost my voice over the weekend and he wondered why I spent the next two days whispering. My voice is back, but only just. And so is that very charming night-cough. I am the Night-Cougher. Saucy.

I don't need to tell you it's not much chop when you are sick and have smalls. I don't have any brain capacity. I'm forgetful. I'm disgusting. I'm contagious. Even my teeth hurt. And I definitely do not want to have anything to do with tidying, cooking, or playing. Sorry. I just don't.
However, I did find these cute blocks at a garage sale a few months ago. We've been having fun making shapes with them, and the Cuisenaire blocks have been excellent for coralling the small square sheep.
What are you up to? Send me some e-postcards and take me away from downtown Snotsville!


Shine Little Light* said...

Oh dear, Im a night cougher too and its the worst! Those blocks are UBER cute though. (garlic, ginger, lemon and honey - just add hot water...)
Im working 14 hour days if it makes you feel any better :) *s*

teddybearswednesday said...

Your poor chicken. Hope you feel better soon. I do wish you lived closer by so I could pop by and see if you needed anything xo

Anonymous said...

That does not sound like fun. Nope. No fun at all. What are we up to? Not much. Playing in the cubby and being cranky as people exiled to airbed land are wont. Hope you feel much better soon.

veri maz said...

at least you can try to take some drugs - only panadol and echinacea for me when i snot up.
Right now i'm trying to do handstands and other peculiar moves while 36wks preggy so my lil breecher turns...not so much fun with heartburn...

Leonie said...

Making an orange hat, started this arvo and just measured it against another one and it's done, just need to cast off. Made a yummy chocky cake with the 6 yo after school and picked out fabric with him to make a satchel type bag during the school holidays. Looking forward to tomorrow as it is the last day of school and kinder and then the kids are home for two weeks. We are likely to go completely mental in each other's company but this time round I'm looking forward to it :-)