Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lolling About

Today was a terrific birthday, and yet... And yet! I've used up all the hours. Bummer.

How can it be over so quickly? Yet late afternoon, I couldn't wait for it to be done and dusted. The Doctor has reverted back to being the Croupinator. I've still got a snuffy nose and sore throat. Tiny's snotty and won't let me be free of her need for 'cuggles'. And Le Matt is sick as well. Sick as four frogs. And me cooking my own birthday dinner.


Double meh!

Did you have a great day? Tell me, what's happening in your world?

PS - thanks for the super birthday wishes. x

PPS - Look what Martha whipped up for dessert - Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Who woulda thunk?


Cindy said...

Sorry to hear your birthday gift was mucus. Hope the couldn't wait to be gifted gift was good at least. Sick children drive me to distraction! Hope you are all better REAL soon.

Nic@ourparklife said...

Oh, sorry to hear you are all poorly.
If your winter is anything like ours, very cold, wet and damp with short bursts of sunshine, its no wonder the snot monster is in town! Ours has been hanging about for a few weeks too.
By the way...Happy Birthday to you!

Shine Little Light* said...

Happy Birthday my dear. I suggest you go shopping online and drown your snotty woes in spending... :) *s*

Kirsty said...

Happy Birthday Ms PMM. Sorry it's a late birthday wish but I too have had a day of things I'd rather not be doing - exams.

I say celebrate your birthday again next week - in style!

Michele said...

sickness be gone
I say have your bday same time next week when all well
and go all out - no dinner cooking AND no chores for the day
Go out for coffee or a movie(on your own)

Buy a great book

Treat yourself to some new dangles or sparkles or pretties

Live it up!

Monique said...

Happy happy birthday to you. Bugger about the snot and bugs though. I agree with Michele. Do something nice next week just for you.

At least it was sunny today instead of the usual grey gloom. I hope it was out over your way too!

BuBbles said...

Let's see if we can prolong the celebrations a little bit longer.


I shared my day with a mix of bodily fluids too - ewwwwwww


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

hippo birdy to you for yesterday lovey. I am sorry you were sick and double sorry you had to make your own bday dinner, I hope you got nice presents though... you know, I know 5 people who had their Birthday on 29/6 and 3 of them are called Mark! They are some of my fave peeps ever..so you are in esteemed company! xxx

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday PMM! Can understand about the cold have got one too at the moment- not fun. Although probably less fun for Rob who has to lie awake listening to me trying to breathe through my nose (which ain't going to happen!)

teddybearswednesday said...

OH nO, I hope you guys all get better super soon.
ANd cooking your own dinner on your birthday, I think you need to request an addition birthday dinner where you are cooked for.
I did my back in yesterday. OUch.xo

Tania said...

Ice cream cone cupcakes would have to tick every birthday box. Happiest belateds to you lovey - hope you're still basking in a post celebratory glow...

Tania said...

Er, post celebratory (of the non-snotsville type) glow...