Thursday, 22 July 2010

Here Is Where I Turn Into A Complete Lego Nerd

I decided this morning to do a recce before I took the Doctor to the toy sale after pre-school.

He kept reminding me that he wanted an 'early pick-up'. Roger that.

Tiny and I battled through the hoardes of toy-hungry parents, wielded our pram, and pushed through to Lego-topia. Phew. It took a while of navigating through trolleys (FULL TROLLEYS!) laden with toys, but we succeeded.

It was then that I averted a very near and real disaster. There were only 3 of Police (7743 - I should have those tattooed on my body, I've heard them so often) the Doctor wanted. So I bought one thinking, hey I'll bring him with his zip-lock bag of money this afternoon, and if it's not here - et voila - I have back up plan Mama 101.

I picked him up at 2:25pm as per his request, we toodled off to Target and lo and behold no Lego Police 7743.

So we drove home, fanging it to get home to find the box hidden in my wardrobe (no doubt, where all good parents hide things).

The Doctor and I spent the afternoon building Lego together while Tiny lay on the couch in her 'birdy nest' because she was tired.

The long and the short of it is that I have been declared 'a really good Lego builder'. And damn it, I love it too.
PS - I can't find my camera cord. If anyone knows the whereabouts, please email me. I'd like that.


Little Pinwheel said...

we are duplo nerds here. I cannot wait until we progress to the big kids lego. This is when I am sure I will suck a lot of them up into the vacuum.

good luck with the camera cord.

Megan said...

my family are big lego nerds, my dad brought me and my sister up on it and he still collects it to this day. each christmas and birthday he get upset if he doesn't get a new lego toy to build. for father's day this year we've bought him The Ultimate Lego Book.

I think the camera cord is between the couch cushions.. hope you find it!

Mookah said...

I recently got my old leggo out to play with my 2.5yr old nephew for the first time. We had hours of fun together, even though he did keep breaking everyhting I had made!

I can see many leggo hours in front of me and I can't wait.

Michele said...

is the camera cord in the birds nest?

ejorpin said...

Lego nerds unite!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm more of a playmobile nerd, but if given the chance I definitely think I would be with you on the lego thing.
Hope the camera cord turns up, if you anything like me make sure to check the toilet and the fridge. xo

Anonymous said...

love lego, can't wait until Aidan's old enough so I can justify buying it lol

Sally said...

Oh I love Lego so much. When I win lotto I'm going to build a room dedicated to Lego building.

rachelmp said...

I swear I could buy a car with the value of lego under my 16 year olds bed ... and another one with what the other 3 kids have collected so far. I hide my stuff in the car boot. That the only bit of storage at our place :)