Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kiddie Craft:: The (Not) Yellow Submarine

We're in the thick of school holidays, which coupled with being sick, feels like it's going forever.

The Doctor, Tiny and I have been doing a wee bit of kiddie craft, to be followed by some more later this week.

There is nothing better than fresh playdough. Seriously. Fresh playdough is the shizzle. It's so malleable and smells so good, and it's tactile and it just feels so darn good I love it. The Doctor made a submarine (the paddlepop sticks) and Tiny made a birthday cake (pipecleaners, cutters, and finally loads of pencils). My smalls love to play with playdough and the three of us can play for a long time.

And while Tiny was asleep, the Doctor and I made 'boats' from regular kitchen sponges (new ones of course), a straw and a piece of a kitchen wipe (that I cut to size to make the sail). These have been favourites in the bath tub.

Today, because we are wildly crazy and we absolutely know how to have fun, we're going to clean the car.


Michele said...

Youre most welcome to come to my house and clean the car. If you are lucky you may even find some playdough in there : )

teddybearswednesday said...

I think perhaps Kiddie Craft is the best craft, and well I understand the whole playdo thing.
And you guys know how to have a good time, I mean that seriously. xo