Monday, 12 July 2010

Really Super Things

I was speaking with Angela at Kid Style File a while ago. Her family were struck down by the lurgies. She suggested drinking Charlie's Lemonade, heating it slightly and adding some honey. I will tell you right now I am probably the only person in the world that hates lemon and honey. Meh!

But Charlie's Lemonade with honey is really super fantastic. Thank you Angela for that great tip!
And today the postman knocked at my door. I was standing in the kitchen at the time in a spencer top and pyjama pants. I hid my top half behind the door and was greeted with our very polite postman bowing at me! He presented me with a parcel from one of my all time favourite cronies - Sal from GEORGIE LOVE!

I was lucky enough to win this book - Simple Softies for Beginners via Sal's giveaway - and I am suitably CHUFFED! This book is right up my alley folks - it's aimed at beginner's and kids from the age of 5. That really says something about my crafting capability, right?

I've sat down today with each of the smalls to discover which of the softies they like. The Doctor is into Hop Skip Jump's dino. Tiny is into Hop Skip Jump's Cat-Face Cushion.
Let le sewing begin. And prepare to laugh at the outcomes.


Michele said...

I'm thinking of a colour and that colour is GREEN. Pictures please (oh and I will put my envy aside and say CONGRATS x )

And laughing about the hiding behind the door sans bra - so do that (except for that time that did the opposite - opened the door pretty much exposed to the belly button after breastfeeding first baby. Opened door thinking was my husband coming back in the door but nope someone else...courier delivering a parcel - Hello there

Linda said...

Nup, sorry... I loathe honey and lemon too. I could not get sick *enough* to drink that. I'd have to be dead.

No, I'd have to be dead AND buried.