Sunday, 8 August 2010

Back In The Habit:: Day 7

What a beautiful weekend. Made even more beautiful that I got to do some jobs that I have been putting off forever. I even did some gardening, yanking out all sorts of weeds, fertilising weary looking plants, it's hard to believe, I know, I know, but I really did enjoy getting dirty in the garden this weekend.

Speaking of gardening, Kirsty at Coffee, Cake and Sunday has been forming her habit in the garden. Check out her edible yield.

This weekend I have:

- clocked some exercise
- tossed out more than 21 pieces to charity - and even dropped it off
- drank some water
- housework has increased exponentially and I should be due for a payrise and promotion pretty soon
- flossing - done
- I have not won a single Cheery Ripe. Tres disappointmente.

How is your habit forming going?

I am also on the hunt for silver footless tights. For me. And I need to find them by the end of the week. EEK!
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Kirsty said...

Nawww thanks for the mention and for visiting - the lettuces are yum!

Sounds like your habits are coming along fabulously.

Have a wonderful week :)

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

I've done away with the Cherry Ripes. I have maintained the water and the teeth brushing and even managed a bit more kiddie time! I love you!

Lin said...

I've been better with my eating (slightly) and have drunk a lot more water than I used to... as for the flossing - I suppose once is an improvement on nothing! Time to change that today!

Miss E said...

I'm rocking the habits and glad to hear everyone else is too!

ClaireyH said...

Today if ring a friend day, hoping that while Miss 4 is in the pool, Miss 1 will silently eat sultanas in the pram and I will tick off the wonderful task of calling a friend...fingers, toes and eyes crossed this actually happens.

BOB & MABEL said...

I doing ok with the habits except for the exercise bit. Blitzing the housework, so not like me!

Super Sarah said...

It seems it was gardening weekend for lots of people this weekend, we moved our mango tree and I finally got around to pruning and feeding my roses! Hmmm, I have still not been able to decide on a good habit but while being indecisive I have managed to spend less time on the internet and more time working and I am also sitting at the table with the laptop instead of murdering my back slouching on the couch!

Anonymous said...

Did you find any silver tights? I know they are spensive; but these American Apparel ones are very special (I have serious love for my red ones). They should be v. special for that much coin...