Thursday, 5 August 2010

I Bags Books

I need a new handbag. Mine have either:

1. Been eaten by the rabbit, and have no more straps due to large teeth
2. Somehow managed to get rips which makes me look like a hobo
3. Look about a million years old. Which they are.

What the heck am I going to do about it? I've been virtually shopping. That's what the heck I am going to do about it.

Jerome Dreyfuss from Off the Runway

This is the only one I have found that I like. HELP ME! (Well actually, the Universe already helped me because it's sold out - not that I was about to hop off and buy it, but by golly, I'd like to).

Do you have a secret handbag den that I should know about? A handbag providore that you want to share?

Winners of the Beanstalk Books are: 6, 33, 34, 23, 2. (Lis, Mama Bear, Megan, Lilliboo, Sam). Can you email me your postal addresses and your books will be posted out to you! Thanks to everyone for entering!


Mama Mogantosh said...

I shall with with interest to hear these reports. My bag has bitten the weenie too. And I LOVE that blue number.

Ivy broke my will to live tonight in a post pre-school naughty attack that had me JUST BARELY suppressing the 'fucksake' under my breath, but then begged me to start reading her the crumbly, 1917 edition of Alice In Wonderland that I've had forever. It's been decorating her bookshelf and When I opened it I suddenly realised what an insanely amazing old book it is. So that made me happy, and then she really got into the story; all wide-eyed three-year-old style - 'What if WE fell down a rabbit hole, Mummy?'

So all ended well. But it aged me a few more years. Um...thanks for the space to vent. xx

Mon Alisa Design said...

Handbag? Whats a handbag?? I've been rocking a Dora Back pack bag for the past 5 years! I'm so hot :)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'll look forward to seeing what you buy. I am in desperate need of something new to drag my life around in.

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

Oh! Well... I am DESPERATE for a new handbag. I can't seem to find one I like although good ol staple Country Road have released yesterday some nice bags for once! Perhaps go take a peek!

mama bear said...

Woohoo! I never win anything. Thanks dude!!

I love Ally Capellino bags.

Or the good ol' Longchamp zip up.

But sadly, I always end up using a shopping tote.

Lis said...

Yay I won something! As for bags I'm walking round with a super old Oushka bag I bought from TopShop years ago in London. That I'm still in love with! (Just noticed they've got a website too). But it's small so awhile ago I got the ChipChop Oui Oui bag for all the extra baby/child paraphernalia I'm lugging round too, and because I'm a sucker for anything Frenchie. But I'm not a grown up (except in age), hence price tags like that one make me weep. .

Cass said...

I'm shopping for a new bag too so I'm hoping something good comes your way. I do love that bag but is it any wonder at that price

the textured leaf said...

Im the totally wrong person to ask about bags cos when I need another one I Google styles I love and then merge them into my ultimate bag and start sewing. The last one I made was for my trip to Japan and I still love it. I made it from a heavy linen upholstery grade fabric and then, when I returned home, washed it and shrank it.
Far the hell out!
I plan on making it back to the same size somehow by ironing the guts out of it.

BabbleOn said...

Have never found the perfect working Mummy bag, designers if you are out there I need a bag to address the following:

1) Easy access phone pocket
2) section for essential makeup, concealer stick, lippie, mascara.
3) room for wipes travel pack, spare nappy or two.
4) Pen and notebook/small diary spot for when you get a call at the park, one hand on the swing, other on the phone and rummaging in bag with nose.
5) small holes in the bottom to 'self-release' sand, tissues well past their expiry, biscuits that got thrown in minus their tupperware.
6) Not too pricey
7) Will cope being kicked around the floor of a peak hour train.

Is this to much to ask from one little bag?

Lilli boo said...

Hey Lexi, Thanks for the book prize..I have emailed my mailing address. I had a good laugh when I came to comment on this post and read Mama Bear's opening line in my email is excactly the same except the "dude" bit, I'm not that cool :-)... Oh and by the way since you were asking...I have a different bag for occaisions...some I have bought off Etsy, cause I love a good slouchy bag, my current sophisticated fave is the Hobo bag from the Oroton range..don't pay full price their outlet stores are always revolving out of date (like 3-6 months so still very current!) so well worth a look...goodluck and thanks again made my day :-)))

Shine Little Light* said...

Mushu - Surry Hills.