Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Train Portraits:: Tangara Meets iPhone

Tiny and I ride trains together. Sometimes. When we do, we document our little trips. Sometimes. This is Tiny looking very serious. I think it's reminiscent of those old school portraits when you had to look a little sombre. Tiny can do sombre very well. And she can do crazy in the coconut astoundingly well. One day you'll see her grasping a big golden Oscar because she's just nailed crazy in the coconut.


Anonymous said...

Aw! Cuute. I love little sombre faces! We ride the train two stops to the shops and two stops home. It takes longer to cycle to the station than it would to walk to the shops but it is the most fun to go on the train.

Jaclyn said...

found your blog from a variety of lovely ladies. Guess we all have our sombre faces but I prefer my crazy a coconut one!

Katie said...

I took Miss 2 on a very exciting train ride today too.. but only because our car decided to break down in the middle of the city and had to be towed home. We had lunch in the botanical gardens, spent an hour in kinokuniya and then caught the train home. Pretty good day considering..