Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Ever Evolving Lego Loving

Yesterday we got our filthy little mitts on something pretty darn fab! Lego are launching the world's first buildable board games in Australia in September.

The Doctor is suitably chuffed, and he has not stopped playing or talking about it since we took the game out of the packaging.

Lego is the toy de rigeur in our household at the moment. Park trips have been put on hold because he needs to clock up time constructing. I have to enforce outside play because it's not just an obsession, it's a hardcore Lego addiction. The Doctor has also been known to be ridiculously sad for having to go to bed instead of spending hours creating new buildings (his latest creation is a rad dog - skater boy).

But who doesn't love Lego (the only thing not to love about Lego is treading on it in bare feet - yowsers)? I bet you couldn't find one person who doesn't love sitting down to enjoy the merits of building something from bright blocks.

We're lucky enough to have Minotaurus ($39.99). And I am not kidding that we have been playing it since I walked in the door yesterday, I got woken up to play it this morning, and as soon as the Doctor came home from pre-school, we're back into it.

In fact, the Doctor loves it so much he's carrying around the catalogue everywhere (in the car, in the park, in the supermarket) and planning which one he wants next. Thankfully Minotaurus is a fun game. Matt and I are loving playing it with him - spending the time together, playing a game that relates to a five yeard old, but is fun for two 30+ year olds? Completely rad.
Even better is that you can change the game (and you get to build the board yourself) to keep it exciting. Minotaurus, you can not bore us.


zofia said...

The catalogue loving does not go away. My 8 year old is still very much loving his catalogues, they are taped with sticky tape.
Have you set aside a room in your house yet?
Can't wait to get our mitts on some of those board games, they look fab.

h&b said...

*love* Lego ... I wouldn't trust anyone who didn't..

willywagtail said...

Legos and puzzles are one of the best things you can get your little ones to train their brains. The Doctor sounds like my two older ones who would live Lego for weeks on end and, yes, study those catalogues until they fell to pieces. Cherrie

Mel said...

oooo that does sound exciting but boy oh boy I felt it when you mentioned stepping on the stuff! Ouch! We once had an exchange student from Denmark at our centre and she was appalled that we lumped all the colours in together. Apparently in Denmark they respect it so much they divide it up into all it's separate colours. Now there's some love!

Anonymous said...

ohh lego how I love thee.
Can't wait til Aidans older
... duplo here we come!

Carla said...

I was listening to a thing on the radio yesterday about Lego. Did you know that 2.6 million Lego bricks are made every hour? I didn't. A man here in Auckland is selling his enormous Lego collection on TradeMe (our Ebay) for the grand total of $15,000. Imagine the joy if that was brought home!

Kirsty said...

Lego? For adults? I'm there!

Also, can you seriously buy the lego online? I'm never stepping into the lego eisle again!

Corrie said...

ohhhhhhhh that looks a bit too little for my finnie but I'm sure he'll love little lego games when he's older as he's obsessed with building things.

oh my guys love catalogues full stop! we went to ballet with the target catalogue this week, doesn't matter what it is they just love them!


Monique said...

WOW! WOW! and WOW! Just spotted the racing game, 3 of the Rooster's favourite past-times (Lego cars and games in that order).

Did you buy yours locally or order from the Lego shop? Our guy's birthday is next week and he is getting plenty of Lego. This will be tops for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! We're there! Little Tuesdays always begins and ends every day with a board game and spot of lego. The two together would rock the par-tay!

Megan said...

lucky you, and very very lucky doctor! i think i might have just found a christmas present for my dad in this, he's the ultimate lego collector. reading what mel said about her denmark student, my dad does exactly the same!

Cass said...

Those games look great. I love the one that looks like pictionary but you build instead of draw.

Nic@ourparklife said...

Im sure we only had children just so we could play lego all weekend!