Monday, 13 September 2010

3-2-1: Welcome To The Weekend

We were relaxing into the weekend. Enjoying a wee sleep-in. And then were rudely awoken by a small child who thinks lipstick, bright red lipstick, all over her hands is a fab idea (note to all 2.5 year olds: it's not). Then spend half an hour removing the aptly named 'Stop Traffic'. It certainly did just that.

Saturday afternoon and we headed to Luna Park in the afternoon. I've never been. Not in the ten + years I've lived in Sydney. Clearly the smalls hadn't been either (unless they'd been sneaking out late to go ride the ferris wheel).

We didn't tell the smalls 'til half way there, and then they were excited. Well mainly the Doctor because Tiny wasn't in the Luna Park loop.

We only bought four tickets (Luna Park is not the most budget friendly activity), so we could ride the ferris wheel together and watch the sunset. We climbed into the cage and rode 'round and 'round, admiring the pretty city - while the Doctor and I clung to each other. We are two little fraidy cats.
We scored two bonus tickets and rode the carousel - which I have to say - is the most charming ride of all. Except for the fact I got booted off. Yeah thanks to the carny for that.


Miss E said...

Uh, I think part of your post is missing...How on earth did you manage to get booted off by a gnarly carnie?

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

We love a bit of smirking at carnies here but yes, what did you do to get booted off?

teddybearswednesday said...

Booted off the carousel! That's rubbish. I think you should complain.
I agree about the carousel, its the only ride I'll go on, I'm a fraidy cat too, and I get travel sick.xo