Friday, 24 September 2010

Naturally Beautiful

Iconic model of the 60s, Veruschka, who once guest starred in the cult film - Blow Up, appeared on the runway for Giles at London's Fashion Week this week. She's a pretty wiggedy chick - not only is she a model, but an artist too. Check out this video to see some of her work - she's pretty fly. Ageless, poised, intelligent, beautiful at any age. I'd like to hang with Veruschka.


fede said...

wow! she is mesmerizing... I wish that video went for longer... might have to do a little google search now. thanks for the intro :)

The Original SuperParent said...

I'd like to have that spirit and that cool factor when I get to her age. Sadly, I'm already a boring fart.


Little Pinwheel said...

she is like no other. what an entertainer and fabulous model. amazing!