Tuesday, 5 October 2010

And Thanks For a Great Holiday

This afternoon we arrived home from a long weekend at my Mum and Dad's.

It was hectic. Crazy. Frenetic. But we had fun, and all our wee cousins - all seven of them, full to the brim with enthusiasm and excitement carried on for the whole weekend. Whoa Nelly! But there is nothing comparable to being small, hanging with your cousins, having fun, causing a bit of mallarky, and ending the day completely cream crackered passed out in your bed. Do you remember that excitement?

Alas I have NO pictures. My camera didn't even make it out of my handbag because:

a) the batteries were on the brink of dying
b) it feels like the weekend went by in a complete blur and I never felt there really was a chance to photograph the craziness.

They are my lame, tres lazy excuses and I stand by them. Capiche?

So we arrived home, it was a long weekend as daylight savings is now upon us, and on putting the smalls (finally) to bed - Matt said to the Doctor - "Good night and thanks for a great holiday."

The reply?

"Yes. It should be thanks to me. It was my idea."

Had any great ideas lately that I should know about? Hit me up.
photo absolutely unrelated. But on another family outing to the ZigZag Railway. Forever ago.


the textured leaf said...

Ummm.... my tutoriaal on my quilts that everyones been asking me for for ages. And to do it in four stages, actually that was my friends idea. Less overwhelming that way. Boring answer if you dont sew, sorry.
p.s. my kid hung with his cousins last week

Miss E said...

Great ideas...me? No, not at the moment. Except that the other day I thought it would be a *great* idea to take a summer subject at uni. Yeah. Now I just wish I was having holidays. On the up though I am off to Broome tomorrow. Tres exciting.

EmmaK said...

Glad to see you are back and all in one piece...xx