Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Go West My Friend!

Today, besides sharing some funny little tidbits from home life, I'm sending you to other places.

Firstly, my funny little tidbits.

The Doctor asked Tiny the other day if he could inspect her ear lobes to see if she has holes for earrings. (I think he thinks you are born with them). For the record, she doesn't.

The Doctor has also been hoarding all the toy catalogues. He then cuts out the pictures and carries them around. Everywhere. I've finally convinced him to stick them into a book, since he went walking with Matt, dropped half of them, and spent the walk home discovering his cut-outs strewn across the footpaths, Hansel and Gretel stylie.

But like I said, go west, go discover some other blogs:

The effervescent Toni at Little Suitcase is rocking Frocktober. Maybe you can donate a pretty penny or two to raise funds for ovarian cancer research?

Head over to say hi to Alexis at Knot Sew Crafty - and check out this super ace clip! She always has the good stuff!

Hayley at Little Pinwheel has been writing about raw mum moments this week - in the interests of dissolving the mystical 'perfect' parenting idea - these are beautiful, heartfelt posts

Ever wondered what happened to the two Kris'? Well clearly I did.

image from Toni's blog.


Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

Thanks for the link, will go blog hopping over my morning coffee! Sophie x

Toni Brockliss said...

awwwwwwww. I'm going red.

I actually looked at the photo and thought "hey that lady has the same outfit as me"
Der Fred.

Thank you lovely lady.