Friday, 29 October 2010

Hey Kids, It's Halloweeeeeeen!

The Doctor has a bit of a fascination with Halloween. Or 'alloween as he calls it. He told me he wants to dress up as a warlock on Sunday. Then, since I didn't know exactly what a warlock was, he decided on a policeman. A space policeman. The Doctor's fascination all began when he saw Biz Markie on Yo Gabba Gabba doing the Halloween beat of the day.

We're not so into Halloween in our house, but the Doctor has already told me how we're to dress our house (for the record, wool as a web, spiders in the wool), how he's going to dress, and that Matt is taking him trick or treating (Matt doesn't know this yet).

Once when I was 11, I went trick or treating with my friends. My wig fell off, I put it back on, and got an ant in my ear, and had to go to the doctor (not to be confused with the Doctor) to have it removed. End of trick or treating for me. It's a true story peeps. Clearly it's left a strong memory with me.


Little Pinwheel said...

keely is a witch.

today she went to school as a witch.


but not any witch, a princess witch.

haaaaahhhhaaaa! (with that really screechy witch tone).


Melbourne Vintage said...

The spider being a loved one - that may be the key to getting over my fear of spiders! Hello dad, you've come back as a huntsman... how nice of you... er no it won't work.

urban craft said...

Crazy. It's sad to think of all that $ that is spent.
Don't get me started on Super Bowl distraction, I mean, Sunday.

Mon Alisa Design said...

We don't do halloween here. My girls seem a bit oblivious to it all. I've recently introduced playing "elastics" and they're hooked. Nothing else matters at the mo! x

Eleanor said...

if any little halloweenies throw eggs at my house again they'll know all about screechy witches ...

Toni Brockliss said...

I think it's pretty great because it's my birth date!!
I always had dress up parties and then we would dance in the family room to Grease and The Village People and play spin the bottle.
Now I just play spin the bottle with Ben.