Thursday, 14 October 2010

Looking Forward

I have gots to tell you folks, I am so looking forward to Spring warming up. I am looking forward to Summer too. Not the searing heat, but the holiday vibe that accompanies Summer. That even if you're at work, it feels almost like you're on a holiday because everyone's in a good mood, skin is bared, you're living, you're sneaking off for mid-week jaunts to the beach. You're ALIVE people.

Imagine my disappointment when this shift in weather flung us back into chilly-billy weather.

I love layering and all. But I was looking forward to pulling out my scanty Summery things, people.

Yet the weather is just not ready. The crepe myrtle is leafing up beautifully. That is one of those things I love about our new abode. The crepe myrtle, and the small magnolia right in our front door. Big fat azalias that have finished blooming until next year. It's a pretty garden. It's a very small matchbox house, with a lovely old garden that someone loved. I love that.

I am still looking forward to Summer. Though it's playing hard to get. I can't wait to wear my Summer frocks and sandals. Dip my toes in the ocean. Play in the sunshine. Lie in the grass and read books with my small fry.


Sam said...

Bring on the real spring, and then summer!

I can't believe it's mid october and no real warm days yet!

I love summer. I love the beach. The smell of sunscreen. The fresh breeze before a thunderstorm. The vibe RIGHT before Xmas. Hurry up summer!


Jaclyn said...

just when i thought Miss Spring was here she ran away...where did she go and more importantly when is she coming back??