Saturday, 6 November 2010

Black Tie Beach

Improv Everywhere always incites a giggle in me. I love the thought of rocking up somewhere doing something curious, making people laugh, while having a group 'secret' if you know what I mean...? I found this via Swiss Miss and had to share. How fun does this look? I love the look of black tie en masse at the beach!


Anonymous said...

Fricken LOVE IT

Little Pinwheel said...

rock on with your bad self. this is awesome. I so want to put that frock on and go and have a play at the beach.

that guy at the end is beautiful, and so right. Everybody is happy!


BOB & MABEL said...

That's great. I would really love to do something like that. I really love the guy with his scuba gear on over his suit, awesome!

Sarah said...

ah that is so good.

The best was the guy in the floaty with floaties on his arms!

Lauren said...

you should check out! She's part of the improv everywhere group and she posts about their activities. She also posts beautiful fun pictures!