Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Going Grey. But Not.

So a while ago, when I was out and about with my sister, I was sitting in the car, full sun, looking at my hair. It was a day like any other. We were out shopping for a birthday present together.

It was a day like any other, until I found a hair that looked like no other.


I pulled that sucker from my head immediately. There was no way it was going to grow anymore in those nanoseconds - pluck - and it was out. Out for me to study it more closely.

I couldn't tell in the light if it was grey, but I remember feeling anxious. I took that hair, careful not to loose it, and found a spot in my wallet, popped it in safely so I could bring it home to Matt so he could study it further.

I am a nutter. I'll cheerfully admit it. But that grey, well it struck me for six, and fo' shiz, I wasn't going to go down without a fight.

So when I got home and remembered that lone 'grey' hair in my wallet, I pulled Matt aside. Thankfully Matt has a keen eye for colour and nipped my fears in the bud. It wasn't a grey, it was a stray blonde hiding in my brunette 'do.


Weeks later and I told Matt that at first sign of grey, I'm colouring my hair. Terrible I know. I can take the wrinkles. Can't accept the greys.
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Liesl said...

Guess what? My hair - ALL grey. For a loooong time. Can't even say it was the smalls that tipped me over the edge.

But can this stay a secret between you, me and a tube of Indola 6.03 Dark Blonde?

Cindy said...

Liesl and I can join the blue rinse anon - 100% since early 20s. Bloody genes! I couldn't take after Dad who went grey at 60 - oh freakin NOOO! As you can see - not bitter about it at all

Jaclyn said...

first - love the photo and i too am convinced that my first grey will finally make me colour my hair, don't think i can pull of the chic, grey bob...

willywagtail said...

I kept pulling the greys out till I realised that there would be nothing left if I kept going. So now I colour. But.... I keep finding whites in my eyebrows and pulling them out. What do I do. Keep pulling till I have no eyebrows. I have no answer but it sure is fulfilling to get them out. hehehe Cherrie

Two Tuesdays said...

I've got a few greys here and there I'd love to colour them away but am way too scarred by a 1996 copper disaster to go near a hairdresser with gloves and a spatula.

Little Pinwheel said...

Right there with you sister. I thought I have found some over the past year but zero conformations. Told mr hairdresser that full locks of new hair is a requirement if a grey is ever found.

My mum rocked the grey.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

I've got greys for sure.

My hair is super thin and fine, and the greys REALLY show too.

I should dye my hair more often... I love changing my look with colour, but always neglect it. Hmmmm

My husband is almost completely grey at 30. I tell him he looks distinguished ;)


Mon Alisa Design said...

Really? I'm looking forward to it so I can add a lavender rinse. xxx

Jessi said...

i found my first grey at 20 and now i have them here there and everywhere.. they are scattered all over the scalp!!!

I go to the hairdressers every 6 - 8 weeks to get them re-dyed and it fixes them for a good 5-6 weeks!!

bloody expensive.. i feel way too grey for a 29 year old.. oh well!

embrace the grey but embrace the dye too! ;)

ruby rose pulled off the grey locks superbly.. oui?

norbyah said...

had a similar experience when i thought i discovered a grey. had the hubby inspect it immediately. came to the conclusion it was a stray blonde in my brown-black hair. not sure what i'll do when i start going grey. but, have a sneaky suspicion i'll do the dye thing too.

Hazel said...

I'm the opposite, I had been a bottle blonde for 6 years and didn't know what lurked beneath, blissfully unaware until I went back to my natural brunette. Now the little buggers are everywhere. Rob loves them (he has rather a lot himself) thinks it makes me respectable. I've tried pulling them out, but I'm starting to lose that battle. My 84 year old grandmother gave me some advice- cover them up with mascara! Priceless. Thanks Nanna. Perhaps one day when the house is built (and we're not saving like crazy) I'll be able to treat myself.

Danita said...

I find it looks shaggy and messy when it´s partly gray -or white- but a full head of white-gray-silvery hair is way cool!

ingrid said...

I have been fighting the greys since I was 16! Hair dye is my weapon and I won't go down without a fight.

nicole said...

gosh i actually DID find my first grey today, though it was an eyelash... i'm a little weirded out. like a LOT!
22 year olds shouldn't have grey eyelashes, first thing monday morning i'm getting them tinted ha ha!