Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Ideas... On A Shoestring

Christmas! Ah sweet Christmas. I love this time of year. I love to love Christmas. Which is why I dressed our home for Christmas before December, because it always feels like BOOM! It's over like that. The more I can stretch out of it, the better as far as I am concerned. Which also applies to stretching the clams. Christmas can be costly, but friends, it shouldn't have to be. It shouldn't be! In my opinion the simplest gifts are usually the best. Everything here is under $15 - beat that Santa!
If you've not met Craig Smith's The Wonky Donkey - the time is nigh. This fabulous book comes with a CD. I dare you not to sing along. Over and over - it's lots of fun, perfect for a long car trip that seems to go hand-in-hand with Christmas time. Fishpond $14.97
In my book you can't go wrong with a book. Tyrannosaurus Drip from Readings is a WINNER! $14.99
I'm not saying you should encourage someone to do more housework, but this Dutch style hand brush is a beautiful object, let alone, I'm sure, a real workhouse on the floors. Heaven In Earth $15

Big or small, ain't no one who doesn't love a snowdome. Hmm, Tiny might like this, her photo can be in the snow year 'round! Notemaker $14.95

Definitely one of my favourite gifts to give - gifts to suit any budget - to help someone who's really in need. Give a chicken or help start a new business - Oxfam $$$whatever you want it to be

These postcards would be beautiful framed or on an inspiration board. Flossy-P $8

Is there anything more promising than a brand new blank notebook? YES! These gorgeous notebooks from Meet Me At Mikes $7 Give a friend an ear-full...of beautiful jewellery. Scrumptious Productions Flower earrings from Georgie Love $14 Chock this full of home baked delights, or some delectable Turkish delight. Big loving this Jumbo cup from Lark Handmade $8.95

Want more?

- Cute Earthtribe Bird Whistle from State of Green $9

- Pretty votives from Country Road

- BYO Cup from Hookturn - 8 oz for $10 (check out the limited edition RED!)

Need some ideas for someone? Hit me up!


Anonymous said...

Heaven in earth absolutley, gifts and gifts that keep giving, THird Drawer Down wind ups , absolutely hilarious.....waterballons, a lush bath the bomb for little ones, Djeco,stickers...variety lots of fun and the paper plane one a must for those aspiring to be free......pipe cleaners, coloured paper and glue stick and for those who are game glitter. Party poppers just to top it off. All reasoanble, and in hugs and laughter too.....I did forget one thing WATER PISTOL

RachelK said...
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RachelK said...

Yay for someone mentioning the Oxfam gifts. I was thinking about those just yesterday. Your blog rocks - it's wet ya pants funny.

Lucy said...

We evidently have the same taste in books - those two are both hilarious.....

Vic said...

I bought almost all my Chrissy presents from oxfam this year, fabulous things for fabulous prices, including chickens, ducks & piles of poo! All that on one website, removing the need for me to torture myself trudging about a shopping centre in crowds with a punk & a 3 wk old.... Priceless...!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Lovely gifts, especially that brush!

I saw Wonky Donkey in the shops yesterday and it looked fantastic!

And Country Road have great gifts too.


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Loving the jumbo Lark cup.. off to see.....

Anonymous said...

Great gift guide. I definitely need help - my boss has birthday 2 weeks prior to Christmas so I have to come up with two presents. Eek. He is gay but very straight laced, single, loaded and doesn't drink! Help Pottymouthmama!

flossy-p said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug! Sorry to miss you at Finders Keepers... I was looking for you. You're not the first one to have been caught out by it not being open on Sunday. So sorry.