Friday, 10 December 2010


Have you had a heinous Santa experience? A few weeks back my Mum and I lined up with the smalls at David Jones to see Santa. By the end of it, I really couldn't wait to get out of there. Couple rude Santa with a two hour wait = cranky PMM.

Rude Santa asked repeatedly what Tiny's name was. I told him. About three different times. And then he wouldn't believe me.

If you're reading this dear Santa, you won't be getting any mince tarts and beer this year for being so darn rude to me. Hear that?

Maybe next time we'll just go with the Portable North Pole.

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Jodie said...

A few years back my husband and I got pictures taken with Santa at David Jones as a bit of a laugh to send to our family. Santa asked my husband what he wanted for christmas and he (being the funny man he is) said he wanted an elf outfit for me. Santa then leaned in and said in a rather sleazy voice, "only if you've been very very good, and she's been very very naughty!" I then had to sit on his knee. Eww! I just hope that none of the kids lined up heard him!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I blogged about this last week after Chef and I were traumatised by the mothers in the santa line and their horrendous behaviour. It was horrible. The santa was ace. We did portable norht pole last year and Busy loved it I am going to do hers this week.

Chrissy said...

My little boys wanted me to come up with them to see santa. The only way I could get them to have a photo was to be in it to. As I was squatting down to sit on the arm of the chair, Santa said mmmmm - I look around and he was giving me a really dirty look - a look that Santa definitely shouldn't have.

shine little light* said...

ummm now Im very curious about Tiny's name... Have always avoided santa. always always.

Marie said...

I never really liked Santa...sounds bad but the idea of this beardo coming inside my house at night always freaked me out as a kid. And the portable north pole sounds awesome, a friend send me the link the other day I have to try it with the little guy. xx